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Julia is always at the beck and call of her selfish and criminally handsome boss, Sebastian. However, she explodes with anger when he asks her to break up with his girlfriend for him. This time he’s gone too far and Julia has had enough. She announces that she’s quitting, but she never could have anticipated his reaction. He tells her that, though he would never pursue his secretary, he has no problem setting his sights on an ex-employee. Julia’s resignation has unexpectedly lifted Sebastian’s self-induced ban on her seduction! (The story His Accidental Fiancée is also included in this volume.)

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THE CEO'S SUMMER SEDUCTION was alright, although it was one of the common stories of the hero figuring out his favored secretary is leaving him because she's done with cleaning up all his messes with his women. So, he starts waiting on her hand and foot in order to stay with him. We find out that the hero holds feelings for the heroine but since she has been his secretary, he never acted on them. Now, he's going to but he has no idea where his romancing will lead them. The heroine is shocked by the hero's new treatment towards her. She rejects it at first, but later on gives into his advances. Now, they're both at a loss of what to do with their relationship. The hero's father finally knocks into the hero's head of where he actually wants to the heroine to be. At first he decides to break up with her but changes to marrying her. The heroine sees the box and a fight breaks out because he bought it from the same store where he's bought all his breakup jewelry. The hero is able to clear things up and tell the heroine his love for her. She confesses her to him and we end the story with them telling the hero's father that they're getting married. THE ACCIDENTAL FIANCEE was fine. It's basically about the heroine's who's always in the spotlight being praised for her father's political accomplishments then compared to her scandalous mother. The woman can't take a breathe without the smell of paparazzi in her face but she's always maintained her composure. Now, she's got an article twisting her words about remaining a virgin till she gets engaged. This has our usual playboy hero chase after her who's so determined to get that he makes a bet with his friend. As he pursues the heroine, he sees that she's living a fishbowl life with everybody peering into her business but seeing how well she handles them. Then their little short fling is caught on and the hero decides to protect her by announcing their engagement. They spend a little time together before the hero is pulled away by the heroine's father for a private chat. The hero expects shotgun and threats but the man is telling the hero to make sure the heroine watches her behavior in order not to screw up his election. The hero scolds the father for not caring about his daughter's wellbeing. During this time, the heroine runs into the hero's betting friend in his drunken stupor. He reveals their bet and despite the heroine insistence that he's changed, the heroine leaves him. The hero doesn't give up and goes to her apartment with a ring. He pours out his heart to the heroine and she accepts his love. We end it on a happy note.

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