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Out of nowhere, a man appears in front of Linnea at her home in New York. He is a handsome Arabic man with passionate black eyes. I am Talal. I brought your daughter from Kholi. As soon as she hears those words, she hurries to hold her daughter tightly in her arms. Linnea has been searching for her daughter Yasmin since her ex-husband Malik kidnapped her three years ago. While she is charmed by Talal who is helping Linnea communicate with her daughter who only speaks Arabic, she remembers clearly what she learned from her past - to never fall in love with a man from Kholi...

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very good 5  5

I enjoyed reading this comic because there are a bit of adventure, love, and tragedy. The heroine has been searching for a way to get her little girl back from her father who stole her three years ago. In present time, The hero has come to the heroine's home at his king's request to give back her daughter with proof of her birth certificate and a baby ring that has been passed down in the heroine's family. Yet, the heroine finds there are no birthmarks on the little girl's body when she's giving her a bath and though, the hero persuades her that birthmark disappears with time she still remains suspicious. The heroine's previous husband was sweet until they married then he pressured her to convert to Islam and she refused. This led him to abuse her. She escaped with her daughter but the ex-husband stole her. The hero spends the night because the little girl wants him to stay with her. The hero and heroine talk and come to an understanding of the heroine and the little girl going to the media with the story in order to help the international image of the hero's country. We get to see into the minds of both hero and heroine and I like it. We also get to see their past; for example, hero's past of being separated from his mother and twin brother when his american mother was unable to comply with the customs and rules of Kholi. Not just his mother, the hero's late wife ( a faithful woman) was seen by their religious police when she was having a cup of coffee with a man not of her family. She got scared and ran into the desert with their child where the both of them died sadly. Unfortunately, a visit to the doctor's office proves that the little girl isn't the heroine's girl. So, she goes with the hero to Kholi, find her daughter, and raise her along with the little girl who was brought with the pieces of evidence. It's hard for the heroine to sit still band she breaks it the rule when she receives an anonymous note about information pertaining her daughter. Unfortunately, it's a trap for her to get caught by the religious police but the hero is there in time to save her. Now, they have to get married to avoid any trouble with the religious police. They get married but the heroine receives another letter from the man who set the trap from earlier. She goes to him anyway because if she doesn't then her little girl dies. She is captured but is rescued again by the hero who has found her daughter. SPOILER: The poor little girl died from a heart attack. The two of them are starting to deeply bond until the hero suggests making their marriage real. There's a bit of argument but the two of them work it out. It was a lovely ending.

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