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Deborah is confused by the sudden visit of her ex-fiancé, David. Three years ago when Deborah caught David cheating on her with her best friend, she broke up with him and called off their engagement. And now David is here to inform Deborah that her brother is in critical condition after an accident. Upset by the news and almost fainting, Deborah is blindsided again when David remarks that she’s a good actor and suggests that she only swooned to find her way into his arms again. While puzzled by his attitude, Deborah heads to see her brother. Little does she know that David’s revenge is about to begin.

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she was wrong!!! 3  3

OHHHHHH was the heroine so wrong in this one. She comes back to her hometown after 3 years to introduce her fiancée who is so terribly rude about her mother and brother. In fact, he says that they didn't need to see her family before the wedding, I was shocked she didn't shut him down on his rudeness. There were five things that were red lights for me being against this engagement that the heroine doesn't break off till we're more than halfway through the book; 1) he whines about meeting the in-laws before they get married, 2) he doesn't let the heroine get a word wise in their conversation with the mother. 3) the engagement ring was originally the ex-fiancée's engagement, so he didn't even buy her one, 4) he throws a fit when the heroine flies back to England because her brother is in critical condition from a car crash, & very important 5) he never even told her that her brother in was a terrible car accident. I would have flown off the wagon, if my fiancée had kept such important information from me. Worse, she had to hear it from her ex-fiancée of the brother's condition and his company is falling into ruins. Why is the hero her ex-fiancé? Well, she broke their engagement on the account that he was in an affair with the heroine's best friend, the OW. What evidence does she have? Well, she saw the OW hug/kiss the hero and go into his room then she hears from the OW how their children will be related to each other. That causes her to end her engagement and run off to the USA but she never tells the hero what possible reason she would have for ending their engagement because that would have solved so many problems and saved so much time. So, now they're at a crossroads with the two of them being cold as ice towards the other. One of the few things she did right was letting the fiancée have it when he called to give her a temper tantrum but she had the upper hand. It's obvious to see that the our main couple (ex-fiancées) are still attracted to each other but won't admit it because they're hurt over each other's actions. In fact, once the brother is awake and talking, the heroine packs to go back to the fiancée because his faults are so much smaller than the hero's faults. She must not know about the other women; the plural noun of woman because that is how many women the fiancée has been seeing before and during his engagement with the heroine. The hero catches her and takes her to the home where they would have lived in, had she married him. She's told by the hero that he wants revenge and accuses her of hurting him but she doesn't fight back by saying, "You're the one who slept with OW." She just says not going to happen but the hero has the upper hand because despite being the heroine's brother's brother-in-law, he has control of the company and can destroy it easily. This is something the heroine can't let happen, so she agrees to his terms. It takes a few more fights for the heroine to reveal her reason for leaving him and the hero says finally because he wanted to hear the real reason after he heard from the brother in the hospital because he had a one night stand with the OW before dating his wife but when the OW revealed her pregnancy to the brother when he was dating the wife, he paid hush money to keep the information from popping out. Now, why would the hero be so cold to the heroine after this? His reason is because she believed the OW over him nor a chance to explain or talk and I would the same as him in that situation. I did like the hero having the last word, making the heroine take a step to try in rebuilding their relationship. Everything seems to be looking up till the heroine catches the hero and the OW sitting at a restaurant and repeats the cycle by running away. The hero runs after her where paternity of the child is finally revealed: the brother. Now, I did like this scene because after the brother talks about what happened and how horrible he's felt for keeping this secret & ruining the hero and heroine's engagement (not all his fault). The whole thing opens the heroine's eyes and makes her see of what an idiot she's been. I was happy to see that she admits that the fault lies with her and not her brother. Now, what I really liked is how accepting the brother's wife is of the whole situation because I think I would be more ticked at my husband for keeping the existence of a child that was created before we were dating from me than him sleeping with another woman before me. She suggest that since the child is in the care of the OW's sister who's raising a lot of kids, that they adopt him into their family. It's a silent car ride for the hero and the heroine back to the mansion. The heroine is devastated when thinking back of all the horrible things she said to the hero. When they arrive, the hero takes the heroine to a special spot. It's there the heroine apologizes for her words and actions that were cruel to the hero and the hero and that she loves him. The hero talks that he finally sees how being seen with the OW made the heroine feel and how if he placed himself in her shoes three years then he would have been able to understand and go after her. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IN HER SHOES?! YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHY SHE BROKE THE ENGAGEMENT IN THE FIRST PLACE?! How you could have possibly know?! Then admits that even though he was hurt and upset, it doesn't justify his cold attitude to the heroine. The two of them make up and we get a cute wedding at the end.

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