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Mel was living like a servant at her aunt and uncle’s place after her parents died in a tragic accident when she was little. One day, grown-up Mel decides to run away, arranging for a taxi to pick her up before dawn to take her to the airport. Mel falls asleep in the car and when she wakes up, she finds herself in a totally unfamiliar place. She has no idea when she boarded the plane she finds herself on. Was her taxi driver a kidnapper? Mel is even more shocked when she hears the name Prince Rikardo. Is it possible her taxi driver is really a prince?

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cooking can save a country 4  4

The heroine is planning her escape from her aunt's family who have treated her less than a servant since the day she came into the house. She gets unexpected help from the cousin who has hailed her a taxi and gives her motion sickness pills. As the heroine goes out to the cab, she mysteriously falls asleep into the hero's arms who taking her back to his country to marry him as his bride. When the heroine wakes up, she tells the hero her name and there's been a mix up because the hero went to the house to get the cousin and OHHHHH! The cousin was an evil witch because she agreed to marry and divorce the hero until she found out about the country's dire straits. So, she used the heroine as a scapegoat. Now, the hero's father has seen the back of the heroine, leaving the hero no choice but to ask the heroine to go along with their short married life. I did like that the heroine wants to know the full situation the hero is facing with and the hero is being upfront and honest with her about the dire straits, the bad harvest, and family misfortune. The two of them go to advertise the trump card to buyers and the heroine's expertise in cooking helps secure anyone with a high chefs in their employment. The attraction between the two is so great that they let loose their passion but as morning comes, they both try to cool because of that silly agreement they made on their marriage. Then we learn the real reason that the hero's father wanted his sons to get married is because he has another son from a past relationship demanding his rights to be named crown prince. Now, the hero wants to make their marriage real by propositioning to the heroine that he'll give her anything she wants; wrong choice of words by the way. This phrase has the heroine rejecting the hero's proposition because she wants the man and not the benefits that come with him. She runs away with the hero quickly running after her and finally admitting how he truly feels about her and she admits her feelings about him as well. The two of them have a royal wedding and it's very romantic. Now, I am very curious about what happens to the other brothers, including the hero's father's love child.

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