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Bria’s husband, Sam, is a Texan multimillionaire. Bria comes running to the hospital after hearing he’s been taken there after being severely injured, and she’s shocked by the words Sam speaks when he awakens from his coma. “Did we do it this time, sweetheart? Are you pregnant?” Can it be…he doesn’t remember? Due to her miscarriage five months ago, the two of them had a huge falling-out and separated, but he doesn’t remember any of it! Bria decides to live with Sam until he’s recovered, but how is Bria’s heart supposed to handle spending sweet days together as if they were newlyweds when they were planning on divorcing?

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editor's comment - June 15th, 2018

I like how Hero woke up remembering only the happy memories of their marriage. A chance for him to set things right.

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3.5 being vunlerable doesn't mean being weak 4  4

The hero and heroine are a married couple in the middle of a divorce when the hero gets into an accident that causes amnesia making him think that they're still married. When the brothers beg the heroine to go along with it, the heroine agrees but tries to keep her distance because she still loves the hero but is still hurt by the choices made over the last six months. There's a lot of baggage on the hero and heroine's marriage. 1) the heroine suffered a miscarriage and the hero wasn't there to comfort her, 2) the hero was always working, like never really being at home. 3) the hero never talked about his past before coming to the ranch that changed his life. 4) the hero never let the heroine take care (well, I call it pamper but with how stubborn the hero is, it wouldn't have worked) of him, 5) never listened to the heroine, and 6) his stubborn and constant desire to never look weak in front of the heroine. It seems that I'm being sexist on the hero but these were actually things that he was doing and all these factors strained the relationship between the two of them. Now through the book, the hero gets images of his lost memories and starts to piece them together slowly. I wanted to smack the hero when he complains to the heroine for bringing him breakfast in bed. I love it my loved ones bring me breakfast in bed and I don't whine to them about bringing it up, I say thank you and eat it. The hero can't understand because in his mindset, he wants to give his wife everything but won't accept anything in return. Marriage is give and take, you give love to your spouse and accept (take) the love they offer you and this can be in words or actions. The hero also begins to notice little things are missing like the heroine's family dishware and the pictures of their wedding on the wall. He thinks that everything can be solved once he gets his memories back but they don't. The heroine tries to resist the hero but ends up in bed but it's after morning where she unleashes her fury over the hero's stubborn and unyielding personality to let her help him. The heroine walks out, leaving the hero confused because he still doesn't get what he is doing wrong. It's after the party, that he realizes the breakfast incident wasn't her pitying him but out of affection. Then the next morning, he remembers everything but is at a loss of how to bring back the heroine into his arms permanently. He starts to change himself by not saying he's fine, relaxing, listening, and spending time with the heroine. Everything goes well until the heroine finds out before the hero can tell her himself that he got his memories back. They have a big fight and the heroine leaves the hero. Two weeks is what it too for the hero to muster up his courage to see not only the heroine again but to finally reveal his past and the reason he wants to work so much. His father never worked, which drove their mother to overwork and die. So, the hero and his brother had to steal food from the supermarket then the hero takes the blame for his brother when they get arrested and ends up at the ranch and not at juvenile jail. He wanted to appear strong and stable in front of the heroine in order to be the best husband. The hero reveals the information with tears in his eyes and sets to leave the heroine with the signed divorce papers as his way of making amends. However, the heroine closes the door and tells him that his only mistake was keeping this information from her. The two of them hug and reconcile. The heroine also reveals to the hero of his impending and we get a happy ending.

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