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Santino Aragon, the handsome young CEO of the company Poppy works at, has been her secret crush. One day, she draws on her courage and confesses her love for him, but she’s crushed when she learns that she’s annoyed him. He’s out of her league anyway… Miserable, she rushes out of the party and breaks down crying. But it’s Santino himself who consoles her! The story An Accidental Engagement is also included in this volume.

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3 stars for Boss's valentine and 1 star for accidental engagement 4  4

The first one was a simple third party intervention because the hero is attracted to the sweet heroine who's being bullied by the third party (OM) over her valentine's day love card to the hero. In fact, the OM brags about it bluntly at the company party. The heroine is embarrassed and away with the hero running after her. The two of them spend the night but the heroine leaves because she's shocked over her behavior. Two months have passed since their night and the heroine has practically disappeared off the face of the earth. The hero has been looking for her but has been unsuccessful in his search. A letter is sent to him from the heroine but the OM interferes and hides it because he's was ticked at the hero's behavior towards him. Now a year later, the hero runs into the heroine when he sees she's working as the maid for some clients and has a baby with the facial features that match his. Now, he's being a gentleman about the whole thing and wants to be with them both. Yet, the heroine wants nothing to do with him because he never came after he sent the letter. The hero learns about the letter and finds it hidden. It's after the hero leaves to deal with the issue that the heroine realizes her mistake in sending the news to the hero in a letter. I can't believe for such a big matter that she never called to meet him but wrote to him in a letter. I know that everyone has their own way of convening their feelings but this matter needs to be informed as possible with the quickest tools of communication, aka. the phone. The next day, he goes to the heroine with the letter and explains what happen then reads the letter. He touched and happy that she shares the same feelings as him then we get a happy ending. The second story was horrible. I mean the hero would be considered a gentleman if what he was doing wasn't stupid or crazy. He sees an unconscious woman in the hospital, still hasn't woken up, nor has any forms of identification on her. So, until she wakes up, he sits by her bedside. Truthfully, I don't find it creepy because maybe he's feeling sorry for her being alone and wants her to wake up with someone right there to help her (though, the man later admitted to wanting to be by her side because she's the modern version of Sleeping Beauty). Now, the heroine wakes up with a ring on her finger and no memory of who she is. The hero comes up with the lie that the amnesic woman is his fiancee. Now, the doctor who's a personal friend of the hero knows he's lying but he's going along with it. Shouldn't the doctor be thinking of the patient's well being like not trying to confuse the amnesic woman with a story that would hamper her chances of remembering who she is, plus I get that the hero is a friend who you trust to be a gentleman but letting him take the heroine is a breach of hospital safety. I'm sorry, I know that throughout the whole book, the man is a gentleman with helping the heroine and after she regains her memory of who she is and that she is NOT the hero's fiancee, still tries to help find out what happened. However, I would have found it much more enjoyable if the man told her the truth; after the momentary panic from the heroine of not knowing who she is then he would take her hand and reassure that he's here to help her. So much better than lying to her face when she in a vulnerable spot. Now, it turns out the heroine was running from the horrible brother-in-law who attacked because he's not happy with his marriage to the heroine's sister, despite being the adulterer in their relationship. The two of them share an intimate moment and when things start to get hot, the hero says no and runs off. The heroine thinks he's denying her happiness and here I am thinking, "NO, he's thinking of you because you were attacked by your brother-in-law who nearly did worse things to you. He doesn't want to do anything without knowing for sure himself that you are ready for the next step!!!!" To cut things short, the heroine's sister breaks up with the brother-in-law and moves into a new relationship with her boss. The heroine leaves the hero's mansion but he goes after her, reveals his feelings and she accepts his marriage proposal. Yeah, this one was definitely not a short novella that I enjoyed.

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