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Molly is a top-selling romance novelist who gets into an accident one day while heading to her workshop. She’s in a state of panic when a man gets out of the other car! He’s Tom Garrick, a top-selling action-adventure writer. And, what’s more, he’s the man she married five years ago. She’d wanted to leave him behind her, but now she finds herself in bed with him… Other stories in this volume include Husband Material and The Prince’s Forbidden Love.

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it's reunion three times over 3  3

SECRET WEDDING was a real quick three stars because it was a short romance where a husband and wife were separated by the heroine's country's parents who didn't look country but city with fuzzy coats and fancy hats. They're reunited because they're both writers and the hero has gone to learn about how to incorporate the a bit genre that the heroine is famous in writing with. Now, the heroine is hard broken because she believes that her husband who she hasn't divorce and never came after her father gave him the consolation check. What makes her so sure? The hero's name was written on it, seriously????!!!!! When you write a check, you write the person's name or company, so the bank knows that you are giving them the money. You can't write a check without writing who it is for and it doesn't have to be signed by him. The hero has no idea about what happened or the fact that he has a little boy. It all ends smoothly but I could only give three stars. HUSBAND MATERIAL was better because our main couple separated due to little time spent together and the fact the heroine miscarried their baby in a foreign country alone that the hero had no idea about until he found an old dvd from the heroine about the baby. The heroine reveals about the miscarriage and the hero asks for a second chance to make their relationship work, which the heroine agrees to the idea of giving their relationship another chance. THE PRINCE'S FORBIDDEN LOVE: this was a 2 star for me because of so many factors. Now, the hero is the guardian to the heroine, a princess who's been living in a convent for six years since she was sixteen and was it was decided that she would go into the convent and only come out at the age of 21 and married to the hero's cousin. So, the hero leaves her and care taking to his secretary who neglects even checking up to see if she's being well educated to be a ruler. A week away from her 21st birthday, she escapes from the convent to see the hero and make her stand that she's an adult despite the hero treating her like a child. After the hero hears of the neglect, he offers a truce to give the heroine a chance to enjoy a week of the life of an free single woman before she's chained to marriage ( my words, not his) as if one week is enough to enjoy all of it. However, he has a method of making sure that the heroine follows his rules and going along with the marriage. He takes her to an old friend and relative who renounced her title and all the privies in order to marry a poor artist who "left" her to care for the children. The heroine and friend have a chat where she learns that the artist and friend are still married, happy, and fine with not having the title, the privileges, and more.The stupid hero has no idea because he hardly comes to see the friend. Shoot! The hero thinks they're unhappy because of all the lost perks but they aren't. In fact, they're more happy than the hero who learns from the friend's daughter that not every little girl wants to be a princess because they're seen as puppets than as people. Then after a confrontation with the heroine, the heroine jumps out of the window in the ocean in a suicide attempt but is rescued by the hero who takes his cousin's place in being the groom; yet, he didn't tell the heroine this. The heroine sees the hero standing at the altar and is as happy as a bumblebee in a flower but for me, I wanted more out of the story, more time spent on the present hero and heroine. It just wasn't the story for me.

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