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Princess Tina of the Chantaine kingdom attends a masquerade ball while visiting America and meets the man of her destiny. The man, Zach, saves her from an unwanted suitor with the words “Excuse me, I believe you promised this dance to me.” His sexy voice seduces her like sweet honey, and after he takes his mask off Tina experiences a moment of passion within his arms. Theirs must be a momentary love, as their worlds are completely different and they will surely never meet again. But then, two months later, Tina is confronted by an unbelievable situation—she’s pregnant!

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It takes one time 5  5

It takes one time for anything to happen; for example, the hero and heroine spend one night together in a hot passion without knowing anything about each other. However, there are some surprises, surprises that come nine months later. Now the both of them have issues about the whole thing: the heroine is the crown princess who's been the model example with three sisters who neglect their royal duties and the brother the king who tells her to do this and that. So, being pregnant single princess is just a story that paparazzi will hunt down for with their tongues wagging. The hero is hiding hermit, still hurt and has strong walls around his heart from his wife and baby's death in childbirth. Now, the heroine goes Paris to give birth but the hero finds her who found out her possible pregnancy from a paparazzi rag with her face plastered across the page. He finds out the heroine is a real honest to boot a princess. The King/brother is demanding who's the father and where she is but the heroine won't tell him. The paparazzi finds the two of them, so the hero whisks her away to his ranch in Texas where no paparazzi would think to look. The heroine learns that there was a negative event in the hero's past life from the housekeeper who refuses to disclose more than that and I respect it. The reason is for the hero to tell her himself in order to move on. The heroine meets the heroine for the next harlequin and they hit it off. The hero and the heroine have some bumpy patches with the hero being overprotective on the heroine's health and the heroine rejecting the hero's proposal because she's tired of the whole being told what to do. I liked how the two of them think of each other like the hero giving the heroine time to get used to freedom from the constraints of being a princess and the heroine making sure that the hero staying well fed and hydrated. They talk, communicate, and miscommunicate. This happens when the heroine invites neighbors who lost their house to a fire with a lot of kids over for a couple of nights but the hero doesn't take it so well because his home is his safe haven. The two are able to overcome this obstacle and start talking again. The heroine does find out from another source of the hero's grief but she does come to him wanting to hear from himself. However, the hero won't talk about it, won't open up still expects her to marry him for the sake of the baby. She rejects his proposal because of what was written earlier but they maintain a friendly relationship until the paparazzi catches him and are clamoring at the gate to get a photo. My response: this is Texas, get your shotgun out. Now, who comes barging in when the paparazzi start writing their new headliners but the brother ordering the heroine back to their country. The heroine rejects his orders too and we're lucky that the next heroine is able to calm waters until the hero comes back to confront the hero. It's a fight but the brother has the last word on who's acting on the heroine's best interests. The heroine reassures the hero that she's strong and both the baby and her won't die. It's only she says this that she goes into labor. Now, the baby girl is delivered fine but complications with the birth place the heroine in surgery. The hero sits there fearing for the heroine's life and wants a second chance to tell her how he really feels about her. Happily, she pulls through and the hero tells her the moment she is wide awake. It's a very happy ending and I did enjoy reading it because of the thoughts, communication, and feelings put into it.

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