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A temp agency led Alina, a waitress, to a short-term position as the secretary for Demyan Zekov, a multimillionaire playboy beloved by the media. When she timidly visited his hotel, she saw three crying women leave his room one after another. They were his partners for the night. Can plain Alina really be his secretary? On the other hand, naive and bashful Alina’s ability to refuse his requests may just be the breath of fresh air Demyan needs.

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editor's comment - June 22nd, 2018

Heroine is very truthful to her own feelings while it is really hard to read Hero expression.

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it was nice. 3  3

The heroine had three signs (three women who went from fully clothed to with only a bed sheet for cover) that her next boss was going to be a problem. I did like that despite being scared of the enormous presence the hero had, the heroine was smart and stubborn enough to keep the hero from downing alcohol and medication in one gulp. The hero wants the heroine to sell his flat without revealing who's the seller's identity because he doesn't want anyone to know that he's leaving Australia to go to Russia (the place he never wanted to go back to because of his suffering with an abusive mother, who also beat superstition phrases into him.) to spend more time with his son. Now, a summary of the hero's past from two years, the hero only married the son's mother to be a good father, but two years ago, he had enough of the greedy woman. He wanted custody at the time but the woman claimed that the little boy wasn't his, which really shook the hero because he loves the son. For the whole time, he's been sending child support but has been unable to see the son because woman only wants to get back together with him since he's richer than the other man she remarried. He can't demand for parental rights because it will bring up the DNA test and he's afraid of the results. I felt sorry for the poor man , but it doesn't excuse him for his poor behavior. The hero plans to clean the son's room but the hero gives the big N-O because of a superstition. The heroine runs into trouble with selling the apartment because no one believes her until after she quits, the hero runs into her at her other job as a waitress, and the hero makes a personal call to get the ball rolling in selling the place. The heroine has her own problems with not only trying to find a permanent job in the field she wants but also with trying to contact the father who abandoned her when she was three because he blocks her friend request on a social website. The hero finds out about the blocking and decides to take her out to distract her. Now, the hero has been attracted to the heroine's character and full body, a contrast to the skinnies he's been with. It scares him since he doesn't want to ruin the relationship with the heroine. The two of them enjoy each other's company and it goes further to home base. However, nobody's celebrating at the end and their relationship goes back a couple of steps. They have do it again and it goes south because the son comes in on the scene and thinks his father is ignoring him because he's with other women. If you think it can't get any worse: Jinx!!!! It can because after the son runs away before the hero can catch and the hero reveals what the ex-wife said: the ex-wife comes out of the bedroom with her birthday suit in order to get the hero back since he's rich and she's greedy. The whole thing makes the heroine run away because she thinks the hero will go back to the ex-wife. Now, the hero in that moment to fight for the heroine but she has no idea because she gets a call that he's headed back to Russia and in her head back to the ex-wife. She also finds out about her pregnancy and plans to raise the baby. The two of them run into each other at the same restaurant. He manages her to convince to go plan to his apartment and explains that he needed to solve the present issues in his life and confesses his love to her. The heroine slips the news that there is a baby, which makes the hero happy as a bumblebee in a flower. She agrees and the hero finally reveals that he got a friend request accepted by the heroine's father in hopes of helping the hero contact the man possible. They say I love you and that's the end. It was a nice read with present and past issues.

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