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Super model Briana has debts thanks to her ex-boyfriend who convinced her in making bad investments. Just as she thought her situation couldn’t get any more complicated, she is taken aback by the the random rude offer given to her by the handsome lawyer, Jarrod. "'I want to bed you'? He decided that I’m a light-skirt and looks down on me. I can't stand this anymore."" Lead by her anger, Briana says she'll be his lover for one million dollars. To her surprise, he readily accepts her conditions. If she just bears with him for one month, she can pay back her debts... She mentally prepares herself for the ridicule she is to face after she gives him her body. But, he caresses her so gently and almost lovingly…But why?

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It was nice. 3  3

In the whole mess of things, the heroine is the sister to the married woman in the plane crash. Now, her brother-in-law wants to find she knows where some famous diamonds are. The heroine won't have anything to do with him since the last man she was close to in a romantic sense, lost all her money in investments and ran off. It stays this way until the heroine is told by her father that he stole money to support her mother's cancer treatment and last cruise from her company's funds when he worked there as an accountant. Now, the heroine has to come up with one million dollars before anyone notices. So, when the hero offers to pay the heroine to bed her. She takes a chance by naming one million as her price, which the hero agrees to but greatly disappointed that she agreed to do it after he said he would do it. The hero is patient and kind of a gentleman on their first time with checking to see if the heroine is actually ready and will back off if she's not. The next time they meet doesn't go well with the hero questioning the dead sister over the fact she was with her husband's hated business enemy when she died. The heroine doesn't take his rudeness so well but she does stop to help him when he runs into his birth mother who gave him up but has been leeching money off him for the last ten years. The heroine sees him in a new light as a man who cares deeply for the family who adopted him and loved him. The hero also sees more sides to the heroine like how passionate she is behind the camera, instead of being in front of it. Things start to go well until the heroine runs into her ex-manager who forces her to sign a contract to make him her manager again or he'll spread news of the heroine's father's thievery all over. Luckily, the hero gets wind and shuts that deal down quicker than a judge's mallet. They also find diamonds which are the big reason the two families are fighting over in the dead sister's possession and learn that the heroine's mother stole them from her boss ( the man the sister was with) when she was pregnant with the sister. This leads me to speculate that the sister might have been the daughter to former head of the diamond family. The reason for the one million dollars is also revealed to the hero by the heroine's father. After revealing many secrets and getting the heroine's father a good criminal lawyer. The heroine and hero have a talk over current events and how much they care for one another. This leads to confession of love and we get our happy ending.

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