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They fell in love at first sight, but Sarah and Justin end their happy days together when Sarah becomes pregnant. Disappointed by Justin's authoritative attitude and demand that she have an abortion, Sarah starts a new life as a single mother in a small village. Two years later, Justin suddenly appears in front of Sarah and asks for directions without acknowledging that he knows her. When she finds out that he has lost his memory, Sarah wonders if it's an act of God. Although she could never forget what Justin did to her, Sarah can't help but hope that they are being given a second chance.

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a second chance of a fully happy life 4  4

Now, believe me that I'm not much of a fan for jerky heroes and such but this particular harlequin was a real turn around that I actually really enjoyed. Short summary of our couple's relationship: they were in a physical and somewhat social relationship till two things happened: the heroine questioned the hero about his company tactics and she revealed her pregnancy to him. He took neither of the those things well with growing cold at the heroine's question to telling her to have an abortion because of how hard for a woman to be a single mom. This indicates that he doesn't want to be involved at all, so the heroine shouts that he has no right to be a parent and leaves. Unknown to the heroine that after she left, the hero tried to look for her but couldn't find on her on the lack of information he had. Then three months short of two years since their separation, he gets into a car accident that causes him to lose him memory on a lot of things. So, imagine the heroine's surprise when the hero turns up at her little souvenir shop and talking to her as if she were a stranger. I was impressed by her professional behavior at treating him like he was a customer with a good attitude. One thing leads to another and he stays on longer. He's a great guy with helping the heroine around and playing with the little boy. He helps with setting up props for a play and becomes part of the community. Shoot! He even saves them from being taken advantage from shady construction company and couple of the parish council members. One of them happened to be the mother of the son who tried to force his way on the heroine till the hero came with punches flying. Apparently, the woman wanted her son to live fine. Well, with the way the son acts, you taught him to be spoiled, not a gentleman nor a responsible worker. The hero and heroine also rekindle their romance though the hero has no idea till his memories come back. This was the regret, shame, and horror scenes for him because he remembers that he was the guy who told the heroine to get an abortion (from his experience of seeing his mom work herself to death to support her children) and he breaks down in tears because holding the little boy he grew to love and realize he wanted to end his unborn life at the time was hurtful. From then on, it's awkward for the hero to even touch the boy. Then the hero's brother comes in, quite shocked at the hero's transformation. Then the hero falls unconscious and is separated from the heroine. He wakes up to find all this mess from the magazine about the woman he was supposed to propose to but he states that he sin't marrying her. The heroine tries to see the hero but is stopped by the brother who orders to be thrown out. Then the hero makes his big entrance about how they are the woman he loves and his son. It's such a touching scene between the two of them and I dearly enjoyed the ending.

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