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What did I do to deserve this? Engaged to be married at an early age, Anna devoted her life to becoming the future queen of Santina. Little did she imagine that her fiancé would fall in love with another woman and announce his engagement on TV… To avoid embarrassing her parents and the royal family, Anna attends her ex-fiancé’s engagement party, where she is humiliated in front of the crowd and the media. But she is saved when gorgeous billionaire Leo appears in front of her. He then spirits Anna away from the palace and tries to seduce her…with a date that goes terribly wrong!

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3.3 waiting for the outburst 3  3

The whole world is watching the heroine to see if she'll combust and explode when the woman who has been groomed to be the next queen is pushed over by the King who announces his intention to marry another woman. That's not the worse part: he makes the announcement on international television for everyone to see and it's how the heroine learns that her long time engagement has just been broken up. Yeahhhhhhh, I don't blame her if she wanted to beat him over the head with his crown. He should have given her a warning or something because that was plain crappy of him to do. Now, she has to participate in all the events, enduring the jabs from everyone of how poor she is to be passed over and more. The woman's skin practically has to be diamond and her heart is ice from their hurtful remarks. Yet, her heart starts to melt when she meets the hero and his seductive gaze but she keeps her guard up, especially when she finds out that he's the future queen's half-brother. They go out the next morning because of all the lies plastered on the magazine rags. They end up crashing on a deserted island where the heroine finally lets loose for the first time in her life and enjoys it all with the hero. They open up about themselves of how the heroine tried so hard to be the perfect princess but was left with nothing but ridicule and pity. The hero admits that he took her away from everything because he saw his mother in her who took on the gossip jabs and sneers in order to make her that her son was taken care of by his biological father. Sadly, she puts on her armor when a ship comes into view and the heroine ends the relationship there. Only after she comes back home, she discovers her pregnancy. So, she goes to the hero to ask him to marry her for the baby. The whole thing is rather complicated but I am on the hero's side of saying no. If the man pays for the child support, spends good time with the child, and shares the same views and values as you do then he doesn't need to marry you unless the two of you are in love with each other. I liked that they went to the clinic to see the sonogram together, it was very moving. Afterwards, the heroine apologizes to the hero, saying that she shouldn't have pushed and this new child has given her courage to face the onslaught of crummy media. The hero is confused on what to do next that he goes to see the heroine who makes a statement at the Prince's ball. I mean, everyone was shocked when they recognized her. She has a dance with the Prince and gets what I considered a good answer from him. Then she trips but the hero catches and tells everyone with his comment that they're having a baby. So, they run off into the night to get some privacy. The confession from the two of them was romantic and I enjoyed the ending.

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