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Matt, the CEO of the world-famous House of Valente, was an object of desire for every woman. One night, Lana seduced Matt and they spent a dreamy night together. Their encounter left Lana pregnant, but she gave birth without being able to tell Matt about the baby. A year and a half later, Matt shocked Lana by showing up on her doorstep. In order to make the baby a legitimate Valente heir, he proposed a yearlong marriage. He said that if Lana refused, he’d sue her for embezzlement and take the child away. But Lana defended her innocence. How could he say such a cruel thing to her?

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doubting her 3  3

The hero had a brief one nighter with his top accountant but fired her after he found out the next morning from her computer that she was embezzling company funds. He covers it up with his personal money and doesn't hear anything from her. That is until his father drops the bomb that heroine has a cute baby girl who looks like the hero, his name is listed as the father on the birth certificate, and birthdate matches the months from when the hero and heroine canoodled. It was what the hero said about a breach of privacy but the hero rushes to see the heroine and sees the family resemblance in the little girl. For quite a while, he's the usual hero of accusing the heroine of everything. Then he reveals about the embezzlement which the heroine had no idea about but her proof would require her to destroy her aunt and uncle's life who have been taking care of her. So, the hero pulls out the conditions of them being married for one year or he takes her to court for "her" illegal actions. The heroine finds no other way but to go along with his scheme. Yet, she does list her own condition: let her come back to work for the hero and find the real embezzler. They get married and receive a warm celebration from the hero's family. Later that evening, the hero goes back to his apartment because he's afraid that he'll fall right back in with the heroine and gives a more detailed version of his thoughts and feelings back then. From then on, there are a lot of ups and down between the hero and heroine and I did like seeing their thoughts. The hero still doesn't believe in the heroine's innocence and she's sleuthing of who the real perpetrator is. It takes one night for the hero to actually doubt the heroine being a thief: she takes a wallet full of money to the lost and found and her deed is noted by the owner in front of the hero and his friends. Sadly, their night ends badly not because of the sexual intercourse but the hero telling the heroine that their late night activity was a mistake. They act the image of a happy couple but stay separate. The hero has his struggles with the heroine, seeing of how great a mom she is and he gets a call from the Uncle. The uncle reveals his big secret and the hero tells the heroine. Now, what I liked is the hero didn't read the background check about the heroine; granted that it would have solved a lot of misunderstandings but having someone tell you on their own and if the heroine knew that the hero didn't read the background check then it might have been relief for her to let him know on her own. time. The hero comes to the conclusion that the heroine is innocent but doesn't hope that she'll forgive him for all the things he said and did but he has a eureka moment. He identifies the thief and sets a trap. Three days later, they arrest the thief but the heroine is angry at the hero for not telling her because she was working so hard to prove her innocence. When his brothers help him realize his feelings, he runs after the heroine who's packing. He confesses his feelings for her and his denial of them when he thought she was the thief. The heroine confesses her feelings of love and we end on a happy and cute note of the baby girl saying "dada" for the first time on her first birthday.

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