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Mistress to a Sheikh—When Jade met Khalil, a prince from a desert country, she was captivated by his deep blue eyes. After passionately surrendering her virginity to him, she began living with him in a magnificent villa. But even after two years, he still won’t introduce her to his family. Can Jade go on living with their arrangement? Mistress at the Italian’s Command—After Ally’s twin sister was deserted by a married man with whom she was having an affair, she tried to take her own life. His relative, Vittorio, tries to shield his family from the scandal by making it look as if she was actually his own mistress. What he doesn’t realize is that Ally is pretending to be her twin sister…

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This is going to be a short one. In the first story, the title says the heroine is the mistress but she sees herself as her girlfriend but it looks to be complicated because the heroine has met the hero's cousins and their families and the King but he won't let her meet his parents because they are traditional and want him to marry a noble local girl. I understand that one wants to protect their lover from bad relatives but after 2 years, the heroine is starting to drift away. Now, we fast forward through the time spent together and after the hero sees the heroine holding and cuddling one of his cousin's baby, he goes off and asks the heroine when she's half asleep if she wants a kid. She says no and it breaks his heart. I'm sitting here and thinking, "Why would you ask the woman if she wants a kid in her sleep, you don't what she's going to say or anything." So, now, the next few days, the heroine has become cold to the hero who is secretly trying to find a way to keep her. Then after a charity ball that the heroine starts to leave when she notices a suspicious person around the King's car and notifies them before she leaves. Her call catches the hero's attention and has realized that she has left. Yet, he goes after her and comes riding in on a camel. The heroine tries to resist, saying how she doesn't want to be a mistress and the hero says that he got permission from both parents to marry the heroine and he loves the heroine very much. The second story: the heroine has found out that her only family, her only sister attempted suicide after a miscarriage and leaves the heroine baffled on what happened to make her sister give up everything to follow a boyfriend to Rome. When she goes to the apartment, the hero shows up, and demands the money that she stole from his company from the hero's married brother-in-law who the heroine's sister was with. The heroine is able to put two and two together and decides to pretend to be the sister in order to find the truth. The heroine fights back and the hero proposes that the heroine pretends to be his lover in order to destroy the rumors of the brother and the sister were together because despite the hero's pregnant wife(hero's sister) not believing a word of it, it has taken a toll on her health. The heroine goes along with some fight in her and the hero notices a difference of behavior to the woman in front of him to the woman he met with his brother-in-law. So, he has someone investigate it. Over the course of the next few days, the hero and heroine learn about each other's past and the hero flirts with the heroine and tell the paparazzi that he's proposed marriage to the heroine who confused in all this. Then they have intercourse and afterwards, things become tense. Then when the hero is out of the room, the heroine is ambushed by the brother-in-law who demands the money back and says that everything he told the hero was a lie and the sister had listened to him and got an abortion. The hero comes barging in, revealing the heroine's identity, sister suffered a miscarriage from the shock of the brother-in-law's words, and the fact that he's going make the brother-in-law's life a misery. The heroine horrified that the hero knew who she was the whole time and runs off in anguish. She goes back to clinic, her sister is recovering and slowly and seems to be making a good friend. The hero pops up with a bouquet that his sister gave birth safely, she's divorcing her husband's who is also out of the job. Then he just says his proposal was sincere and the heroine runs back into his arms with "I love you." coming from both mouths.

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