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Lily, who was abandoned as a baby and moved from one foster family to another, dreams about having her own loving family one day. She’s a cautious person and she’s never had any casual romantic relationships before. One day, she’s sent to clean the mansion of a wealthy Greek man named Nik Zervakis, and his girlfriend believes he’s been cheating on her with Lily and walks out angrily. Lily is shocked at this, but she really panics when Nik coldly tells her to get ready for tonight’s party since she’s the only replacement date he can find on such short notice!

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The heroine has always played it safe due to being in foster care most of her life, including men, which ended badly because she cried over a her married boyfriend for leaving her when she wanted to say that some other not so nice things then the mishap at the house she's cleaning at because her degree in archaeology isn't pay her student loans quick enough. Luckily, she meets the hero and after some circumstances, she goes as a date with the hero to the museum she's working at. The heroine's ex happens to be there and the hero helps scare off the hero's ex by giving the heroine a hot kiss. After that, the heroine decides to be upfront and tells the hero that she's following his example of separating romance from lust. Then proposes that they got to the bedroom, but the hero pulls back from her offer but goes after her when she tells him when she decides to use her pretty dress and seduce a man and thanks him for giving her courage. They have a one night stand that would have stayed that way had the heroine not answered the hero's phone and began a conversation with the hero's father. Now, the heroine is invited with the hero to go to his father's place for his next wedding (the fourth one). The heroine is perplexed of why the hero hasn't visited his family home in years but learns later on that wife number#3 slipped into his bed and tried to seduce him. So, he was so freaked out and worried over his father that he left to protect him. The only thing that woman eve did right was give up custody of her two-year old daughter to the hero's father who might or might not be the father because of the woman's multiple affairs. The two see that both have suffered in their childhood from the heroine not having a family to the hero's mother abandoning him and seeing multiple women become his stepmother and break his father's heart. I liked reading how they connect and communicate outside of the bedroom and it's fun to read it. They grow closer and closer but the heroine holds back from opening up her true feelings because of all the things she said about not wanting to be in a committed relationship with the hero. It takes an emergency phone call for the heroine to go running and the hero to chase after her. This opens up a chance for the both of them to talk openly about their true feelings for each other and confess their true love. It's a very sweet ending that ends with an additional cute child.

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