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Mary has been working as a seamstress ever since she came to London six years ago. The dresses that she embroiders have become very popular in socialite circles, but she doesn’t receive any compensation for her work because her employer rescued her after she lost her memory and had nowhere to go. One day, Mary is pursued by a man in black on her way home. Several days later, that same mysterious aristocrat confronts Mary demanding to know why she ran away from their engagement!

About the Author

Annie Burrows love of stories meant that when she was old enough to go to university, she chose English literature. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do beyond that, but one day, she began to wonder if all those daydreams that kept her mind occupied whilst carrying out mundane chores, would provide similar pleasure to other women. She was right… and Annie hasn’t looked back since. Readers can sign up to Annie's newsletter at www.annie-burrows.co.uk

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to refall in love 4  4

This is was one of the interesting tales. It's the hero and heroine reuniting sort of a thing. So, the heroine has suffered amnesia from an accident seven years ago, right around the time the hero's fiancee mysteriously died but no body was found. It's obvious to see that the heroine is the missing fiancee and it's a matter of retracting steps that are quite interesting to read. I did like how the hero is there for her and how she faces her flashbacks and the person responsible for it all. If you want to read further, spoiler alert: it's the friend of the hero, who's a minister's daughter like the heroine but when the heroine fell but was alive, she took the heroine and mistreated her then sent her to a family known for its male perverts. She even tries to kill the heroine in the end but is thwarted by the hero and the heroine's brother. She's wondering why the hero never wanted her despite being in the good graces of his mother who helped with the breakup and knowing the lay of the land, well crazy lady, I have an answer: the heroine wouldn't have done what you did to the heroine. Ergo o facto: he chose the better woman. When the hero sees the lady in her fit and she sees him, she tries to kill herself but ends up surviving and losing her memory. The heroine is kind to the OW and wants her to get help. The ending is very sweet and it's a good read.

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