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He’s too charming for words. Even to the woman he abandoned after a single night of passion.

At Reina’s best friend’s wedding, she meets the rich, handsome Lucian and spends a single night of passion with him. When she awakens in a dreamy state of mind, he’s already gone. After she discovers she’s carrying his child, Reina tries calling him, but he doesn’t even remember her name. Some time passes and the two meet once again, but he continues to behave like a shallow playboy, seeming not even to notice her. What nerve!

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lost memories regained 4  4

The hero and heroine have a short night with the hero leaving a note for the heroine but it disappears under the bed without the hero noticing who gets into a car accident and loses his memory. The heroine thinks that the hero was only there for the coitus and takes it as a sign to leave. They don't see each other till two years later and his sister's closing in on her due date. The heroine behaves coldly towards the hero till she learns of both the accident and amnesia of the last two days. Now, she's at a crosswords of being angry at the hero but being unable to tell the man of his paternity to her baby girl who is as cute as a bean. Nor does it help when he talks about his negative criticism towards women bringing babies to make men who fathered them marry the mothers. The hero can tell distance the heroine places herself between him and after some questioning, he learns that he was with the heroine that night. Soon, the hero is able to tell the similarities between himself and the baby girl, which he confronts the heroine on her paternity. The heroine admits that he's the father and he wants answers. The heroine says she called and his questioned who she was and she came to see his sister-in-law to ask her to be the little girl's guardian if she became ill. Plus, the hero's words from that night of not desiring marriage or a baby is what mostly kept the heroine from telling him. The heroine has been burned by her previous husband's demeaning and controlling character that keeps her from opening her heart. She leaves to find that everyone overheard their conversation from the baby monitor and she escapes to be alone with her little girl. The friend goes to see the heroine and shows the note she found. The heroine sees it but it doesn't change her decision but the hero is thinking of the girl and brings up as marriage as the only option. His proposal is sorely lacking and the heroine doesn't agree even after intercourse when the friend is taken to the hospital to deliver her baby. They have a shotgun wedding with hero's exs slipping in to have another go at the hero. The kiss from the ex that the heroine sees makes their words ice cold even thought they have hot feelings towards each other. Feelings that don't surface till the hero saves the heroine from her ex who thinks she wants what he lusts for. It was very romantic. It all seem to go well but the heroine gets an offer for a contract whose location resides in Milan. The heroine wants to take the little girl but the hero doesn't want it. So, when the heroine is out, she leaves a good-bye note and takes the little girl to the airport. The note she left unlocked up the memories he lost in the accident and realizes that he can't lose them because he loves both of them. He manages to catch up with them with a bouquet of roses that he promised that night to give her. He asks to go with because it's what families do: they stay together. He confess his love for her and she confesses her love to him and we have a cute ending.

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