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Can Charlotte claim her innocence and Damon’s love?

Charlotte was working hard at the museum to make the Greek sculpture exhibition a success. The primary sponsor of the exhibition is Greek billionaire Damon…and he was man who taught her all about love and passion. But back then she was falsely accused of theft, and he left her. Now they’ve met again and he wants her to become his mistress in exchange for a large amount of money!

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Melanie Milburne read her first Harlequin at age seventeen in between studying for her final exams. After completing a Masters Degree in Education she decided to write a novel and thus her career as a romance author was born. Melanie is an ambassador for the Australian Childhood Foundation and is a keen dog lover and trainer and enjoys long walks in the Tasmanian bush. In 2015 Melanie won the HOLT Medallion, a prestigous award honouring outstanding literary talent.

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editor's comment - September 28th, 2018

Heroine is a beautiful and mature lady surrounded by horrible people. I feel bad for heroine but I like how calmly she handled it.

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schemes, criminals, forgiveness 1  1

Greek romances are not looking so hot right now. I finished reading the Greek Tycoon's pregnant wife and was left me feeling unsatisfied by the plot and evil characters. So, I thought of reading this one in order to better my mood: it worsened it. The heroine was in a happy and romantic relationship with the hero and was well liked by his sister but not by his mother nor the OW who the mother wanted to marry. Then she gets framed for attempting to steal priceless family artifacts that were found in her bag. They have evidence but it's a video of the heroine's back turned and for all we know, she could be putting her lipstick in it. However, the hero believes it and has the heroine thrown out in the worst possible way and even the town she was living in at the time turned their backs on her. The poor heroine is heartbroken and returns home to a way bigger mess. We fast forward four years where the hero and heroine run each other accidentally at some artifact gala and the hero embarrasses her not just with an audience but right in front of her boss. Then right after separating does she find her drug addict of a sister splayed out on the floor of the office drunk and with a bag full of other people's wallets. Now, here I am going to criticize a couple of people: security and heroine. How can the security allow a woman who's so drunk into an expensive gala where she could make a scene and ruin their reputation??? Really, it's just stupid. Moving on, we start on the heroine and her lack of education when it comes to drug addicts. Her sister has been on drugs for four years and during those four, it has been a repeat cycle of the heroine begging her sister to go to rehab, sister saying she will but she needs money, the heroine giving her money, sister disappears, and reappears then we start all over. There were very few things that I even agreed with the hero's logic but when it came to the specific sentence of the heroine spoiling the sister, I agree whole heartedly. It is such a known fact that you never give money to drug addicts because they aren't going to use the money for food, clothes, rent, or even a bottle of water but on drugs they snort, snuff, huff, and shoot up. You can give a drug addict $5 american dollars for milk and they'll take the five for a down payment on the next batch and steal your wallet or someone to pay off the rest. In fact, that's exactly what the sister does, she steals the heroine's money and even the hero' black credit card. It's how the hero blackmails the heroine into a master & mistress relationship because he'll send the sister to jail for stealing since he's got video evidence that actually show the sister using the card on a local ATM. A part of me wants to let it happen because jail is the one place where the sister can't escape from and get off the stuff but if the sister gets off the stuff and tries to make a clean start, that jail time with hurt any future job careers or leases on apartments or homes. After that, the hero is on the list for number one jerk because of what he says and does to the heroine. His favorite nickname for her is thief and reminding her of how her family must be cursed. I mean blackmailing her for coitus all to protect her sister when he should feel the empathy since he was helpless when his sister died from an illness. Then the hero finds out about his little girl and it's the hellfire and anger with the old clique of "marriage or I'm taking the child away,". It also doesn't help that when they arrive at the heroine's apartment, she opens it to find one of the sister's "clients" in there demanding money. It so helps the heroine's case against the hero *Sarcasm*. 't fact, even after the heroine finally has a enough and let's him have it when all that has happened to her in the last four years: coming home to find father dead when he was in jail, mother diagnosed and died from cancer with the heroine being the main caretaker, dealing with the reality of becoming a single mom for a little girl and her sister who slipped through the heroines fingers to into the world of addicts. The hero still doesn't show an teaspoon of empathy and just has coitus with her and I don't know why the heroine let him in the first place. Three weeks later, they're on the hero's island with the hero's mother and townspeople welcoming them, including the heroine. Then they run into the OW who married someone else and is expecting their first child. The heroine notices how she turns away from the heroine who wonders why. Then it all comes out when the OW pulls the hero and heroine aside to reveal what really happened that day when the heroine's was framed. The hero's sister put all the artifacts in the heroine's bag to make the hero break up with the heroine so he could fall in love with the OW and sister-in-laws with the sister. The sister confessed to the OW of her crime on her deathbed and the horror of her mother finding out. I actually felt sorry for the sister because she destroyed her brother's happiness as well as the wonderful woman like the heroine who she said described as and she lies in a hospital bed dying and regretting about not able to fix it. The hero demands the OW to tell the mother everything but the heroine stops him. She doesn't want to cause the mother any pain or put bad memories on the hero's sister. Yet, right then, the hero's mother comes out and profusely says sorry to the heroine because she suspected that someone else took the key but she didn't want a foreigner to take her son, so she turned a blind eye. She ask the heroine for forgiveness and the heroine gives it to her with love. The hero takes a fall into a deep pit of realization of how horrible he was to the heroine when she was truly a woman of gold. Now, here is where it really peeved me because when the hero and heroine are alone, he takes her to the site where they were to be married. He reveals that he intended to make her abandoned everything but now after learning the truth and it's the perfect opportunity to say, "I'm sorry" but he doesn't. Instead, he gives her the option of leaving with the daughter and she runs into his arms and they confess their love. Really, the man couldn't even apologize but asks her to forgive them. My problem isn't him asking for the heroine to forgive him but to me, not saying sorry is not enough. So, they kiss and we skip a year later to the hero and heroine's wedding because they wanted the heroine's sister to be there clean. It was actually something the hero did right: scare the sister straight into rehab with the threat of police. The heroine is pregnant and he twirls her around in the sunlight's rays. It really didn't make me happy this story.

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