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Her heart wavers when she is reunited with the wealthy man who once toyed with her love.

Rose flew to Firenze upon receiving a call for help from her close friend. But it was not her friend who welcomed her when she arrived—it was Dante, an attractive and sexy businessman. The two had fallen in love four years ago and spent a night in each other's arms. Rose was alone when she woke up the following morning, and not long afterward, Dante married his fiancée. So Dante was a playboy. There's no way Rose can tell the truth to someone like him. The truth that a little angel was created that night with Dante, and Rose has decided to keep it a secret.

About the Author

Catherine George was born in Wales, and early on developed a passion for reading which eventually fuelled her compulsion to write. Marriage to an engineer led to nine years in Brazil, but on his later travels the education of her son and daughter kept her in the UK. And, instead of constant reading to pass her lonely evenings, she began to write the first of her romantic novels. When not writing and reading she loves to cook, listen to opera, and browse in antiques shops.

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The heroine meets the guy she had a one night stand on the day of her friend's wedding four years ago. They didn't have a good morning after when the heroine discovered him both gone and engaged as well as discovering her pregnancy. She doesn't tell him and frankly, I know it's unfair but I'm on her side because there are very few women who want to go tell an engaged man that they are pregnant with his child. Now, after four years, she's reunited with him and she is trying to be civil with the hero in order to lower suspicion so nobody will suspect it's because of her three year old daughter. He takes her out and reveals the reason he left her that morning was to be with his grandma on her deathbed (There's a good reason because a man needs to be there for his grandma). He also tells her that he planned to cancel his engagement with the fiancee till she told him she was pregnant. They married but he discovered she wasn't and she moved onto to an old man richer than the hero. They have a decent time but the heroine puts up all the stop signs to the hero's sweet words and gestures till she departs for her plane. However, the hero doesn't give up and goes after the heroine where he meets the heroine's sweet little girl. He doesn't react to the little girl, leading the heroine to believe that he doesn't see the family resemblance. So, when asked about the father, the heroine lies to the hero about who the father is. They have dinner out that goes later than usual with nightly activities and a bad morning after with the heroine trying to brush it off as nothing. The hero doesn't give and keeps visiting the heroine till he comes by with results of a DNA test he took for the caught to prove his paternity. We have the usual spat that ends with, "Let's get married, " something the heroine doesn't want at all. They have a fight but end up comprising with having the little girl getting used to the hero before telling her that he's her daddy. I found the scene where she first calls him daddy to be adorably cute. The heroine accepts the hero's proposal and he's over the moon till the heroine reveals that she's pregnant again. The hero says the stupid thing about how she must have intended to trap him and all that but it doesn't make sense but she lied to him about the daughter being another's man child. So, she runs out of the room in anger with him running after her soon. He apologizes for her crummy behavior then tells that he does love her for her not just for their little girl. They reconcile and we have a cute wedding with everyone there.

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