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Romance CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE (The Caroselli Inheritance Series)

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CAROSELLI'S BABY CHASE (The Caroselli Inheritance Series)

Can her passion and his problem lead to a happily-ever-after?

On New Year’s Eve, Carrie spends the night with her ideal man, but he vanishes the next day. Moving on with her life, she’s goes to her new client’s office, where she meets Rob—the man who vanished has reappeared as her client! She would usually refuse to mix her private life with work, but he’s too attractive to resist… For his part, Rob is feeling flustered. He needs someone to marry in order to get his share of an inheritance, and he hopes to win his share of money and win Carrie at the same time…

About the Author

USA Today Bestseller Michelle Celmer is the author of more than 40 books for Harlequin and Silhouette. You can usually find her in her office with her laptop loving the fact that she gets to work in her pajamas. Michelle loves to hear from her readers! Visit Michelle on Facebook at Michelle Celmer Author, or email at michelle@michellecelmer.com

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wrong title 4  4

The title didn't really match how the story played out, there could have been a better title. The hero and heroine meet when the hero gets dumped and watches his ex making out with a guy on new year's eve at a bar since he always put work before her. One thing led to another and they wind up in bed for the one night stand. It's supposed to end like that but imagine their surprise when they see each other again and there's some hostility from the hero because the heroine was brought in by the hero's father who didn't take the hero's proposal and wanted a third opinion. The hero wants her to decline the contract but she won't and I like the hero for playing fair when his subordinates offer to do foul play. However, the hero and heroine start to get to know each other, find things that make the other person attractive. They almost go back to that one night till the heroine's friend, the model stops the activity with her cane. The hero is suspicious of the woman because of how she talks about the heroine both in front of the heroine then only with the hero and the fact the heroine follows the woman's words. So, she breaks their beginning of their bond and but the hero doesn't give up. He admits that he likes the heroine and she admits that she likes him too, leading them to fall into bed. Their relationship brings joy to the our main couple and their family and friends till the heroine is fired by the hero's father because someone anonymously sent photos of the hero and heroine in bed. Personally, I don't like the hero's father because there was just no pleasing him. This is because her conclusion was the same as the hero's, which displease the unsatisfied man. After that blow, she overhears the hero and his cousin talking about the inheritance and its conditions. It leads her to believe the hero only used her to get his share of the inheritance and she breaks up with him. The hero learns of the photos and deduces the culprit was the model friend and why she did it was because she probably was afraid of losing the heroine. The hero and is cousin decide to set the record straight and at the same time, the heroine has learned of the possibility that she may be pregnant with one of the cousin's wives. They get a call from the cousin and go to a restaurant to overhear the hero confront the friend of sending the anonymous package to the father. The woman admits she did because she lost her job from an injury and to see the heroine be happy just caused her to act in jealously but regrets her actions. The heroine forgives the friend and they make up. Afterwards, the hero and heroine go to see the hero's grandfather for the hero to reject his inheritance and proclaim he wants to love the heroine fair and square in front of her. Then they end with the news of being parents. It was a good story.

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