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How can Angie help the love of her life recover when he keeps pushing her away?

As a young girl with no family, Angie fell in love with Rique, a blue-blooded Spaniard who treated her kindly. He was full of life and shone his light upon her as if he were the sun. Angie, now a nurse, has learned that Rique was blinded in an explosion. Hoping to be of help, she returns, for the first time in six years, to the island where she spent her adolescence. There she finds a changed man—Rique has lost all hope. And it seems he is just as determined to reject her help as Angie is to give it.

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a bit on the fence. 3  3

The heroine was a lonely girl who was supported by her friend's family that included the older brother a.k.a the hero. She's had a major crush on him for a long time but he's only seen her as a little girl. Years later, she receives a phone call from her friend, begging her to help the hero who's been recently and permanently blinded. The whole thing has left him feeling angry, hateful, and helpless in the situation. He slashes out at others, even the ones who think they are making the hero happy like the possessive family friend who the family wants the hero to marry. However, the heroine pushes him to take one step at a time in the new world he's living in using his other senses like smell and sound. The hero starts making progress but he tries pairing the heroine up with his brother when it's so obvious that he's in love with the heroine. In fact, just about everyone, excluding the sister is pressuring the heroine to be with the brother. The heroine is hurt by the hero's words and actions then it becomes harder to reject the brother because she's afraid of letting down the people who care about her, excluding the OW and the hero's obnoxiously rude aunt. It's kind of the reason why I didn't give so many starts in this one. It's not till towards the end of the party that the hero can't take the idea of someone else embracing the heroine that he reveals his true feelings to the heroine; that and running into a tree knocked some sense into him as well. The two walk away from the party to talk things out and we have a happy ending. For me, it was okay but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

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