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Even in darkness, there’s a ray of light. Will Colleen be able to find it in Cade?

While Colleen was driving, she was involved in a deadly car accident. Although she survived her injuries, her younger sister, who was in the passenger seat, was mortally wounded. When Colleen woke up two months later, she learned that her nephew and niece were in the custody of her brother-in-law, Cade. Wanting to see them, she called and sent countless letters but never received a response. Pushing her body to the limit, she went to visit Cade at his ranch. From the moment they met, he was cold with her because he was convinced she was simply after his money. But worse, her nephew, Beau, believes Colleen was responsible for his mother’s death. Now Colleen can’t get over the pain of hurting her beloved nephew and niece…Susan Fox is a bookaholic and movie fan who loves cowboys, rodeos, and the American West, past and present. She has an intense interest in storytelling of all kinds and in politics, and she claims the two are often interchangeable. Susan loves writing complex characters in emotionally intense situations, and hopes her readers enjoy her ranch stories and are uplifted by their happy endings. You can visit her website at:

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two healing individuals. 4  4

The poor heroine has had a horrible six months in her life. One day, she's talking with her sister who has done her repeat cycle of leaving the husband in a tantrum and they go shopping. Then the two get up in a car accident and she wakes up from a two month coma to learn from doctors that she's been in a coma for two months and her sister died the day of the crash. She has no one visit, no even the in-laws despite her numerous attempts of contacting him. So, she pushes herself through physical therapy in order to walk and go see the in-laws and her beloved niece and nephew. Now, during her rehabilitation, she learns of her brother-in-law's death and sends flowers to the hero. The hero sees the heroine coming up on the driving way and walking with her cane. Now, he has a preconceived image of her that relates to her materialistic non maternal sister all thanks to his brother who became a drunkard and liar after his wife's death. Yet, I was pleased that he allowed her in and wanted to see what she wanted. she actually surprised him with asking how the kids were and if she could have visiting rights, even offering to pay them. Then there was the issue of letters misplaced that the trusted housekeeper assure him that she did send letters and flowers. I liked how he apologized and the heroine was understanding and she should be because this man spent the last six months in a real loop with probably organizing the funeral for his sister-in-law, dealing with a drunk brother who couldn't care for his kids then after the brother's death, becoming the guardian/single parent to two small children. It's a lot of anyone to take on. Then the children come in and when the heroine is ready to take them in her arms, her older nephew shouts that she killed his mother and runs off. Those words bring the heroine to her knees and she faints. The hero sees how different she is from what his brother said and tries to help her. However, she politely refuses then leaves without him knowing. The hero goes to see the little boy and I loved how he handled him with asking what the little boy's father said and it turns out the boy was only acting as a parrot to his father's lying words. He had no idea his father was lying but the hero could see and goes after the heroine and takes her back to his place to recuperate. The two start developing a relationship, much to the chagrin of the OW who's a real prima donna princess. She wants the hero like a lion wants an antelope, the hero knows it and has been trying to get her off his back gently since she's the daughter of a friend and businessman. He even knows that she's the one who threw the letters and flowers away, as well as keeping the heroine from contacting through phone. The hero kicks her out but that doesn't stop her from her goal of marrying the hero for whatever it takes. So, the hero and heroine set off on building a relationship that even helps her mend the bond between her and their nephew. Later, the hero asks the heroine to marry him on the grounds that the children need a mom and dad in their lives. This is what I liked, the heroine asks the hero that they should be friends first before they go on the idea of marriage. However, the hero manages her to persuade her to accept his proposal. During one of their talks, the hero learns that despite all the heroine has gone through in life, she still believes in the concept of love in marriage when he has given up on that notion. He doesn't even realize his own feelings for the heroine till the OW (oh you're going to love this) says something. This is the funny part because it's irony and karma all wrapped up in one. So, the OW confronts the heroine about how the hero doesn't love her and she's a better match. The heroine talks about caring for him deeply (not saying I love you) that leads to an almost intimate situation but the hero runs scared. He's found by the OW who's so arrogant and stupid that she tells him what she said to the heroine. She doesn't even realize that she helped him figure out that he does love the heroine and he's an idiot. It's also the first time it seems that someone yelled at her and it's long overdue for her. So, the hero leaves the OW in the dust to apologize and reveal his feelings for the heroine. It's a lovely confession between the two and I really enjoyed the reading it to the ending, which was cute.

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