Pure Romance SO NEAR, SO FAR

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No romance with the boss. That’s this assistant’s steadfast rule!

Hired as an assistant to the CEO of Quantrell, Kacie is excited to meet her new boss, Elliot Quantrell. While his handsome looks take her breath away, his behavior is less admirable. He becomes furious as soon as she introduces herself, and Kacie is blindsided when Elliot accuses her of being a gold digger, informing her that he will fire her the moment she tries to seduce him.Jessica Steele started work as a junior clerk when she was sixteen but her husband spurred Jessica on to her writing career, giving her every support while she did what she considers her five-year apprenticeship (the rejection years) while learning how to write. To gain authentic background for her books, she has travelled and researched in Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Russia, Egypt, Chile and Greece.

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Kind of a little boy 3  3

The hero acted like such a little boy when it comes to the heroine. I mean, I get the idea of bad experiences what with his first female PA stealing his company secrets because he rejected her advances. Yet, his treatment of the heroine was very unfair. I did like how he gives her a chance and she proves her to be very capable in handling his business work life but he still treats her so rudely when other men come on scene, when she talks to them, or even breathes next to them. I did like how she called him out on his behavior, which prompted him to give her a trial run. She works her best and behaves her best even with the lecherous vice president but she can't say anything because she knows the hero won't believe her. Things finally escalate when the hero's insults become worse, the heroine slaps him for his vulgarity, and he pulls her in for a passionate kiss. The hero does start showing some decency when he catches the V.P. hassling the heroine and threatens to sack him if he shows anymore inappropriate behavior towards the women at work. Then he gives the heroine a couple of days off but when she comes back, he's back at square one. Why? It's because he saw a portrait of the heroine and her previous boss. He's able to quickly realize the heroine left her previous job because she was falling for her boss, her married boss. The hero even goes so far as bringing some flashy business partner's daughter to make it look like the heroine means nothing to him. Yet, he needs her badly when he suffers a near blinding accident and she helps brings him up to speed on work. The heroine falls deeper in love with her. Things start getting hot but the heroine worries since it will be her first time and if she looks alright. So, she pushes the hero away and he takes it the wrong way. he goes back to being cold then unjustly fires the heroine because he saw her talking with her former boss. By then, I just wanted to tell the heroine to drop anything related to the hero like a hot potato. She doesn't since the company calls her because the whole place has gone into chaos. It's here where she learns about the hero's past from earlier. She goes back and helps but the hero can't even give her a thank you, but throws more accusations and actually fires her. A month passes and the heroine gets an out of the blue phone call from the hero, asking her to pick up him. She rejects his request but still does it. When he sees her, he pulls her into his arms and confess his love for her. Hero states he has been from the start because was afraid of his feelings as well as other negative thoughts about her relationship with ex-boss, her true character, etc. He admits that his behavior hasn't been professional but he doesn't apologize for it. She confesses her love and clears back the reason why she pushed him away that night was because she was and still is a virgin. He tells her that they should get married and she agrees. It was an alright story but it just wasn't my kind of story.

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