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It’s been six years since Selina and her ex-husband, Rion, last saw each other. Selina’s grandfather has suddenly passed away and left Selina in a tough spot. Over the last few years of his life, Selina’s grandfather developed a gambling addiction and lost the entirety of his fortune. In order to save his home, Selina will need to find the money to pay off the remainder of his debts. Suddenly Rion appears and Selina, forced into a tight spot, has no other choice but to ask him for help. Unfortunately, Rion’s help comes at a price. Left with nowhere else to turn, Selina can do nothing but accept his demands.

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plot not my thing 2  2

The plot of this story wasn't my kind of thing with how it ended; it felt too quick and all. Summarize: the hero and heroine divorced because the hero saw the heroine was cheating on him. How? He came home and found a half naked man stumbling out of their room. The heroine claims she never cheated on the hero but the evidence is strong. They divorce and it sparks a years of venomous words at each other. That is until the heroine's grandfather died and the heroine is barely left with anything. The heroine is alright but she worries about the housekeeper who was the mediator in rebuilding the heroine and grandfather's relationship after her divorce. So, she enters a contract with the hero in order to get money to support the housekeeper and a charity the heroine devotes time and money to. Throughout the book, they go through the usual rollercoasters of couples with hard feelings. As we come towards the end, the two are reunited with a couple. The hero thinks the heroine's pale face stems from knowing the husband but the heroine reveals it's the wife. She finally reveals the big secret: the half naked man was the wife's lover. Apparently, in the wife's social circles, it's unthinkable to be dating a musician. She began an affair with him and they met secretly at the hero's house. The man got mixed up with the rooms and ended up in the heroine's room but she was knocked out cold from the medicine. After lover's presence was discovered, the wife begged the heroine not to reveal her affair. The heroine consented but the hero didn't listen to a word of the heroine trying to tell him the truth. In fact, I don't know why the heroine didn't push the woman to go to the hero and reveal she's in the affair and not the heroine. Not only that, but the heroine warns the hero not to do business with the husband because of his illegal deals in trafficking children with the police about to corner him. The hero sees it's true but the heroine has cut herself from believing that he believes her. As they separate for the last time, the heroine says about the hero not believing her. The hero sits in his car processing everything from realizing his mistake to seeing losing the heroine forever. So, he goes after her and pours out his heart of the big mistake he's made and he loves the heroine. The heroine accepts his embrace and we get that reconciliation ending. However, I felt the story didn't have enough flavor. It sounds weird what with the story having misunderstanding over affair but I felt a lack of vanilla or strawberry.

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