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We got married seven years ago. Do you really not remember me?

Seven years ago, Joshua Falcon burst through the doors of a local diner and asked the woman working there if she would marry him. It wasn’t meant to be a marriage of love, but one of financial responsibility—he had to be married to take over his family’s company. The woman was Vera, and she was a ravishing blonde…or at least that was what Joshua thought. In actuality, she was Jessie, a chocolate-haired coworker of Vera’s who’d borrowed her uniform! Jessie has lived for seven years as Joshua’s hidden wife and was paid a monthly stipend, but Joshua never bothered with her, keeping mistresses instead. One day, he meets this intriguing woman and chooses to make her his mistress. The trouble is, it’s Jessie and she’s already married to him…but she might just hold off on telling him that.

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Cherry Adair has garnered numerous awards for her innovative action-adventure novels, which include Black Magic, her Cutter Cay series and thrilling Edge trilogy, as well as her Lodestone series, which includes Hush and Afterglow. A favorite of reviewers and fans alike, she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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good read 5  5

It was a bit amusing if not confusing of the family relations. So, the hero met the heroine at a diner and right off the spot, he asked her to marry him in order for him to receive his company from his uncle. In return, he's will her a monthly stipend to live on. She is so awed by his face and the prospect of getting money to pay for school that she agrees. After seven years, the hero is still married to the heroine but he meets a woman his uncle introduces to and finds himself attracted to her. He begins to pursue her but has no idea that it's the heroine in her natural form because when they met the first time, she was wearing another person's uniform and her hair was orange dye from being the practice dummy for her friend. Now, she has a good job but she wants a baby and not anybody's baby but the hero's. Although , she wants to do it personally and he wants to do it artificially. So, she goes into cahoots with the hero's uncle and lawyer as well as the lawyer's son and partner to trick the man into going for it. Now, I liked how the heroine stood by her conditions when it came to title of their relationship because when the hero handed her a mistress contract that she tore up in front of him. Then he calls her and asks what she wants and she literally says, "date normally, have sex, then break up.". Now the two of them begin dating normally and it causes a stir to their core with making them feel things. It's quite funny watching them be stubborn and persistent when it comes to the other person. However, there was one thing that was peculiar was the lawyer telling the heroine that she wanted more money from the heroine when the heroine being herself infant of the hero barely let him pay with anything. Then they begin a physical relationship that has some interesting conditions like the heroine not staying at the hero's house nor at the condo that he bought for her. During their time together, the hero and heroine learn about more each other's neglected and sad childhoods. Then the heroine collapses and the hero panics with the possibility of losing her and begins his plan to divorce the (wife) to be with the heroine. The heroine finds out that she's pregnant and when she goes to tell the hero, she overhears him arguing about the wife demanding six million from him. Stunned by the news, she goes to the lawyer and uncle to confront them. They say that they did it for her then she goes back to the hero to tell him of her pregnancy. He denies paternity because he got a vasectomy (not 100% effective) but he kicks the heroine out for supposedly having an affair doing their time together. The hero however, is still miserable without the heroine then gets a real good Christmas surprise from her. Her gifts prove how much she loves him. The hero sees documents and makes the connection that the wife and the heroine is the same person. He has a panic attack and wakes up to the hero's uncle who talks into some real sense into him. The hero races back to the heroine where they first met and the confess their love to each other. It ends really sweet with a baby and I enjoyed well.

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