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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

We spent an incredible night together…but now he’s my boss?

Georgina is still hurt that her cousin stole her boyfriend, and now they’re getting married. That’s why she hires an escort, so she doesn’t have to go to their wedding alone. The guy who shows up at her door is a charming, sexy man named Callum. The wedding is painful for Georgina… She has a few drinks too many and ends up sleeping with Callum! It’s not like her to be so casual. And to make matters worse, when she goes back to work, she finds out her new boss is none other than Callum…and he’s already made up his mind that she’s bad news!

About the Author

Kim Lawrence was encouraged by her husband to write when the unsocial hours of nursing didn’t look attractive! He told her she could do anything she set her mind to, so Kim tried her hand at writing. Always a keen Mills & Boon reader, it seemed natural for her to write a romance novel – now she can’t imagine doing anything else. She is a keen gardener and cook and enjoys running on the beach with her Jack Russell. Kim lives in Wales.

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doubts to the end 3.5 4  4

The baby was conceived on a wedding night but it wasn't the main couple's wedding night. The heroine has hired an escort to accompany her to her cousin's wedding since her cousin is marrying the heroine's ex-boyfriend who she stole from the heroine. She mistakes the hero (her new boss) for the escort and he goes along with it, never revealing his true identity till later. Now, the wedding ceremony goes without a hitch for public drama but private drama has its negative points: 1) the groom pulls the heroine aside to apologize, tells her he made a big mistake, and he still loves her. The heroine starts to reject him but the hero beats her and sends the groom running. Then he scolds and accuses the heroine for this being her major plan of revenge on the cousin by stealing the groom. The hero seems to have forgotten that hurt ex's usually pay escorts to show their ex that they're fine. Plus, , if the heroine wanted to steal the groom then she would have flaunted the hero all around, went to the groom herself, and more. However, she hardly speaks or even introduces anybody to the hero except for her mother, she tries to bend in, and it was the groom who came up to the heroin. During this scolding, the awful cousin overhears about the hero being an escort and she makes herself know. She mocks the heroine for her desperation to hire an escort. Humiliated, the heroine runs off but humiliation is returned to the cousin when the hero mocks the cousin for being unable to hold onto to her new husband on their wedding day. Later on, the heroine gets drunk and the two of them share a hot passionate night. The next morning, the heroine disappears without a note and it leaves the hero a bad image of the heroine. In fact, he holds onto the image of the heroine being a loose woman for quite a while. They meet up again where the hero accuses the heroine of being a mistress to his uncle because she was his uncle's PA as well as only working for the company for one year, then six months later is offered the job of working for the CEO. In the hero's mind, she's a cunning witch that had the uncle wrapped around her finger. It doesn't help that the heroine was also left a lot of shares from the uncle in his will. The hero won't change his mind on the heroine even after the attempts to explain herself and even she stops because she knows there's no way to get through his head. Now, he forces her to stay with the company in order to keep its clients and she has to deal with two jerks at work, one of them being a board member who has had it out for the heroine ever since she rejected his advances. The heroine also meets the OW who spreads rumors around the company about being the hero's wife, which infuriates the heroine at the thought of committing adultery. When the two are a dinner, the hero claims he is single but does a real stupid thing by trying to get her back into bed. He thinks that she's forgotten all his insults and accusations thrown at her then becomes ticked when she rejects his offer. He deduces that she must have found a better offer, never thinking that it may be because some women don't want to sleep with a man who insults. The two separate but the heroine finds some information about how she's a product of an affair between her mother and the hero's uncle as well as finding out she's pregnant. She leaves the company and prepares herself to be a single mother for the next seven months. She's asked to meet the an old friend at the old company and once there, the friend is running late. She's then assaulted by the old board member but the hero saves her. Next, she's rushed to the hospital after she faints but there are no complications to her and the baby. The hero comes by with more accusations about the board member being the father but the heroine angrily denies the man being the father. So, the hero deduces he's the father and pushes the heroine to live with him. Once the heroine arrives at his place, she's verbally attacked by the OW who happens to be the sister of the hero's business partner and wanted the hero for herself. The heroine tries to fight back but the OW has the last laugh. The whole thing makes the heroine turn sour towards the hero who in turn sends back the same sentiment. The whole thing puts their whole relationship on ice. It's only on the day that the heroine goes into labor that the hero finally gets the truth. The heroine is left alone and goes into labor at the house. During this time, the hero actually some thinking on what is really the image of the heroine. He learns from the mother of the blood relationship between the uncle and heroine as well as the harassment the heroine faced from the old member. He goes home to find the heroine in labor and helps her deliver a beautiful baby girl. The hero asks her to marry him and admits his faults as well as the OW confessing her feelings but he rejected him. He apologizes to the heroine as well for all the horrible things he said and confesses his love for the heroine but denied it due to his image of her. The heroine admits her love as well and we skip to a happy wedding. The whole thing was fine except for the fact of the whole misunderstanding between rancher and farmer. So, the heroine calls the hero who lives in Australia a rancher but he lives in a vineyard in France and works with grapes. A rancher works with livestock but a farmer works with agriculture like GRAPES!!! Please try to verify the man's occupation because two are different things.

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Really nice! 5  5

I love this kind of story the only thing that i didn't like was the ending. It felt rushed.

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