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I should never have let the sparkle in his eyes get to me.

After both of her parents died, Britt, the eldest of three sisters, worked her hardest to manage their mining business and take care of the family. Then she discovered diamonds on the family’s land… Britt is now convinced that this will save the business. When a man shows some interest in going into business with Britt, she agrees to meet his representative, whose clever, seductive advances she can’t resist. Then she learns that this “representative” was the man himself, and Britt is filled with anxiety. What is his true objective?

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she should have held strong 2  2

Yeah, I wasn't really impressed with the heroine for a number of things. There were some things that I let go because she must have been a stressed woman but the rest was like; really? So, the heroine is meeting with a man from a company to discuss her family's company. Not more than fifteen minutes into the meeting do they go at it but I let it go because this is a woman probably stressed from being the boss of a company that she was given when her parents died, older brother disappeared but also had to support not only her younger sisters but also all the employees and their families at the mines. It's a lot of work on one person and that's why I let it go on their first session. Then she started losing brownie points when they got to the lodge by the mines in order to finish up the meeting and I'm all for being hospitable and having a good time but there needs to be a line between work and "play" time. I mean, I hardly saw any work or discussion get done at all. Then they separate with the hero's words that it's business and thanks for the hospitality. Now, the heroine finds out that the hero was really the head honcho and not the representative she was supposed to be meeting. So, she decides to go to his home country and confront him. My brownie points for her were starting to come back but they plummeted when the hero and heroine are reunited when the hero finds the heroine's almost buried car in the sands from the storm. They go right back to the intimate activities. I mean this woman was ridiculous because she didn't bring up how they hardly talked about the deal nor why the hero didn't reveal his true identity to the heroine. Come on, you're the boss and you need to act like it. Hold your ground against his seduction till you get a straightforward answer. It's after the night of passion does the heroine receive a call that the hero's company has bought out her company. Apparently, the brother sold the hero his shares of the family company behind the heroine's back. The hero tries to defend the brother that he left his shares to his sisters because he trusted them but was trying to protect the company from the outside from competitive buyers. However, his words do little to soothe the heroine's icy attitude. Personally, I don't blame her because it's not the protecting the company that hurt the heroine it was the hero going behind her back with the brother and vice versa. Then there's the fact that the brother never contacted the heroine or even the other two sisters at all but has been in contact with the heroine. So, the heroine wants nothing to do with the hero at all and leaves him. You know, I would have believed it, had the heroine not gone on vacation to the hero's home country. The woman has a lot of money to go to so many places in the world, why on earth would she go back to the hero's home country where he could stalk her. The heroine still carries a spark for the hero because what other reason could she have to go back to the hero's home country for a vacation and you can't say to see the beauty of the desert. She runs into the hero again who takes her out on a camel ride. The man, finally gives her a straight answer that his reasons for helping protecting the heroine's company weren't not just a doing a favor for a friend in the midst of a turmoil for his country but that he had fallen in love with the heroine. When he found out she was in trouble, he wanted to save her. He asks her to marry him and she happily accepts. For me, the story was just not what I was looking for.

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