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This wealthy man tricked me once before—can I trust him not to deceive me again?

Fashion designer Bella didn’t expect to see someone from her past. Luchino Montechelli is a wealthy and handsome jewelry designer from Italy. They were intimate before…until Bella found out he had a wife and child! So why is he here now? It turns out Bella is designing dresses for a client who happens to be Luchino’s aunt. Unfortunately they have an issue with funding for new materials. Luchino is willing to work with Bella to remedy their financial difficulties. But it seems that Luchino may want to rekindle their old romance, as well. Does he deserve a second chance at love?

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3.5 Oh what a tangled web she was in 4  4

The heroine was a young model who fell head over heels with the hero who spent many evenings and dinners with her till his wife came in, stunning and hurting the heroine. She doesn't see him till six years past and learning that she's working for his aunt. The heroine isn't the only person left with a bad impression of the other because the hero thinks the heroine was loose woman after seeing her run out of a hotel room clutching her clothes. Now, the hero makes a proposal that he'll help the heroine sell the clothes she designs in order to help bring his aunt's store out of the red. He'll also be keeping a close eye on her to make sure she won't run away. The heroine has little choice because in her mind, she's still caring for the sisters that her parents abandoned when she was only 18. So, they spend time together and start to learn more and more about each other than when they first met. The heroine sees an air of tension emitting from the aunt towards the hero as well as learning that the hero was separated from the wife at the time they were together but he was in a custody battle that he couldn't miss when the heroine found out. That's why he didn't run after her. The hero also learns of the heroine's parents abandoning their kids and how the heroine became the sole provider for her sisters until they were able to provide for themselves. They have some more ups and downs in their relationship as do their bond with the little girl who is as cute as a button. Then they're invited by the hero's family who have treated him with coldness for many years. It's there that we finally open the closet holding all the skeletons in the closet. The heroine learns that the hero's wife was originally with the hero's older philandering and irresponsible brother but got pregnant on purpose to make the man marry her. When he didn't, she moved onto to the hero and lied to say that the baby was his. The hero bought it and married her but found the lie pretty quickly. It explains why the hero was unable to be a father to the little girl for the first years of her life but her mother didn't want her at all. The other surprise is what the older brother tells the hero in a drunken state that they are really cousins and the aunt is really the hero's mother who she had out of wedlock. The aunt's father took the baby and banished the woman from the country. The brother tries to goad the hero but the hero makes his stand on the fact that he can destroy the brother-now cousin legally with all the shares he owns of the family's company now. This scares the brother off, giving the aunt a chance to explain. The hero holds her close and calls her mom as she cries. Later on, when the hero and heroine are alone, they are able to talk things out and become closer. The next morning, the hero proposes to the heroine who happily accepts his proposal and we get a happy ending. It was a decent novel to read.

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