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A marriage proposal from a total stranger! What’s he playing at?

Locked in a convent by her overbearing millionaire father, Alysia meets a stranger who’s shown up out of blue to propose to her. His name is Christos. Alysia understands right away that this handsome man is after her family’s money. Desperate to run away from her father’s control, Alysia accepts his proposal. And she plans her escape from Christos, with a dark secret she dare not tell anyone…

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Give her hot chocolate and a blanket. 3  3

Ohhhh, the poor heroine really needed TLC for what she went through. She grew up with an abusive father who was cruel enough to slap her hard across the face in public with all the businessman. In fact, it's at that event where the hero witnesses is when he decides to do whatever he can to save the heroine from the harsh life. Do you want to hear the reason the heroine was slapped: she was asking her father permission and blessing to go to Paris because she got a full ride scholarship to Paris, France. If my child had gotten that scholarship, it would be steak dinner with all the trimming. I would be jumping on the walls with joy but it does little to impress the father. The heroine's hardship only went on because after she left for Paris, she met her husband. The man who loved money and found the heroine to be his next cash cow but when the heroine married him, the father put all the stops on ever receiving the money. Later on, a tragic event led to the divorce between the heroine and her ex-husband, being forced into a mental hospital in Switzerland by her father, and then into a nunnery. The heroine is there for two years till the hero swoops in and bring the heroine out of her prison. From then on, it's a real rollercoaster for the two of them because the heroine is going back and forth between trusting him and distrusting him since he's a man and the two men in her life have been more than disappointments. Not to mention, the hero seems to have a habit of saying the right and wrong things to the heroine like how he got his revenge on the heroine's father by marrying his daughter (That built the walls he worked so hard to bring down right back up). The heroine learns that the father did a lot of horrible things to the hero's family, making the hero's mother hate the heroine with a passion. It doesn't matter to the woman that the heroine was abused by the man or suffered sadly. The truth finally comes out for both hero and heroine about the sad incident. Apparently, the heroine blames herself for the death of her child with the ex-husband. The funny thing is that she can't remember much of the incident, so the hero goes to get the truth from the Parisian police and ex-husband. Here's what happened: the heroine went out to finish a commissioned painting that would bring in money for their poor family at the insistence of the husband that he would take care of the son. However, the hero does the terribly negligent thing: he puts baby boy in the tub and fills it with water then walks out of the bathroom to have a drink. The little boy died by drowning and the heroine's mind was broken by the tragedy that she mixed guilt and shock with truth. I agreed with the heroine about how the heroine is not at fault because the husband was the one who was responsible for caring for the child at the time and you never put a baby in a bathtub even if it's empty. The child could fall back and hit their head on the hard surface of the tub but he drowned. Then there's the fact, you never drink when you are left in charge of a child!!!! The hero also reveals that the heroine never had any money because her father filed for bankruptcy. The hero states that he wanted the heroine for her and her alone. He proclaims his love and asks her if she wants to make a life with him and she replies to yes. It was quite an emotional scene and I really loved how the hero encouraged her that it was okay to cry over the loss of her son. I found it to be very touching as he held her when she sobbed and grieved. The heroine makes her decision to make a new life with the hero and we see them being as happy as happy people can be with some new family members.

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