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If he thinks she’s so reprehensible, why did he kiss her that way?

Ever since losing her parents in a tragic accident, Eden's been spending her days with her stepbrother, Thomas, in a run-down, hole-in-the-wall apartment in London. It's there that she meets Sterne Parnell, Thomas's boss and the CEO of a major design firm, who's just shown up at her front door dressed as dashingly as can be. He's convinced that Thomas is trying to elope with Sterne's ward, Carmilla, who's been in his care ever since her father died of a heart attack...and from the contempt in his eyes, it's clear he thinks Eden is Thomas's partner in crime!

About the Author

Jessica Steele started work as a junior clerk when she was sixteen but her husband spurred Jessica on to her writing career, giving her every support while she did what she considers her five-year apprenticeship (the rejection years) while learning how to write. To gain authentic background for her books, she has travelled and researched in Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Russia, Egypt, Chile and Greece.

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My golly, when will she say sorry! 2  2

I was really disappointed with the heroine on this one. I mean it's understandable that you want your only family member to be happy with his newfound love and bride but even after learning that the hero was suddenly thrust into the title of being not just a guardian but a foster dad to a 12 year old girl on the dying promise of an old friend. I understand that she gives him a real wild goose chase in order to necessities to the brother and his fiancee but he was the one who was doing his best to care for the heroine and the girl after the accident that caused the heroine's brother to go into a coma for a while till the fiancee snapped him out of it. The heroine blaming the hero for being the cause of the accident when he was even the one racing down after them. I mean they had a day's head start and weren't in any rush, it was just an unfortunate accident. Plus, I don't think the heroine gets that the hero was trying to look out for his ward because she's only 18 and suddenly, she's marrying this older guy who the hero only knows by a small background check by a detective (I will get to my rant here later). The girl is only 18 years old and the hero has every right to be suspicious of the Tom, Jim, and Harry that comes at the girl because being 18 doesn't automatically mean that you'll have the maturity of forty year old person. Then there's the fact that despite hearing awful things about the hero that she reflects as untrue and she sees her words and actions as ill-treatment to the hero. Now, she has a number of attempts to say sorry for the hurtful things she said in the past but she just keeps adding to the pile of crummy insults thatch has for the hero who in turn exchanges. Now, as I said earlier, about the detective rant and it's now. The hero is a very rich man who can afford a detective who can do a detailed search about the brother. I mean the detective only has the brother's early years where his birth father was convicted. There is no report about the brother's mother marrying again and to a man who the hero shared respect and friendship for nor about the inheritance that the heroine and brother were to receive when they reached 25. The two seem to clear the air and come to an understanding after the brother and ward's wedding. The the crazy thing happens when the hero asks the heroine to marry him and the heroine does the even crazier thing by accepting his marriage proposal. I really couldn't like this one.

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