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A story by USA Today bestselling author becomes a comic!

No matter how charming he is, she’s had enough of playboys!

Callie is a flight nurse on an emergency helicopter. She was attracted to her new boss, Hunter, the first time she saw him; after all, he’s friendly and unbelievably handsome. She thought she’d enjoy working with him, but once he found out she was pregnant and a single mother, he tried to keep her on the ground! Callie fought back, but Hunter swept her up in his arms and gave her a fiery kiss. Callie’s feelings wavered and she felt herself falling further under his spell. But she’d had already decided that she would never rely on a man’s help!

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3.5 it was actually better than expected 4  4

It could have been four stars to be honest but I was a little concerned about the heroine flying around in her pregnant condition but she's one of four people who can provide medical aid to people in rural and large farmlands that don't have a hospital within proper driving distance. The hero comes to work when his estranged grandmother pressures him. However, the two of them have a bad relationship because the grandmother made his mother along with two other women to sign an agreement that they would never reveal the identity of the father to their children. It hurts the hero because of a life of growing without a father (not that the hero's father was a good man, anyway) and the fact that not too long ago, he lost his fiancee and unborn child in a helicopter crash when they were lending medical aid. So, the hero is on edge with seeing the pregnant heroine on a helicopter but she's stubborn about leaving her current job to do desk work. However, the hero starts doing small jobs around her house without her asking like fixing roofs and floors. He takes notice of her and sees what an amazing woman she is. The heroine starts to become attracted to the hero with his helpful attitude and skills to the job. Then the obstacle comes in and gives the heroine the shivers that rival the Boogeyman. It's her ex and the father of her baby and it's the unborn child that he has come for. Luckily, the heroine and the hero pull a lie that hero is the father of the baby. After they are able to push him off for while, the heroine reveals that the last girl the ex got pregnant, got her baby taken away by his rich, horrible, and influential family. So, the hero decides to become a shining knight in armor and protect the heroine and the baby from the bad guy. He goes as far as asking for help from his grandmother's secretary for information on the man. He pays the man off with a lot of money with the promise that he never bother the heroine and him again. The only reason why the man wanted the baby is because the baby is a ATM machine. Apparently, his parents disowned him because he has a gambling problem but they set aside money for any of their grandchildren, which is why the man had the baby taken from the other girlfriend. That poor baby, he deserves to be with the people who truly love him. They have a few bumps, one of them nearly crashes them in the ground. The frightening situation has the hero reveal to the heroine of his loss of his dead fiancee and unborn child. The heroine finally figures out why he was so pushy and comforts him. It's such a wonderful ending, I only wish I got to see the cute ending.

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