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Once you overcome the adversity in life…hope will shine even brighter.

After being falsely accused of a crime, Sophia’s husband committed suicide, and then she lost her young son to pneumonia… Prior to that she’d lost her job and was now left with no money or home. So she was without prospects or any recourse when she was approached by a navy admiral with a damaged left hand. He introduced himself as Charles and his smile was so unexpectedly charming that Sophia inadvertently revealed her predicament. And so he offered her a job…as his wife!

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good romance 5  5

The heroine is on her last legs as she contemplates what to do. Right then, a man with a hook asks if they share a meal together and talk. They have a great conversation and as the heroine sets to leave, the hero pulls her aside and asks if she would marry him. His reason for doing it is because his older sisters have been nagging him and he's just about done with it. However, the heroine politely rejects his offer but later on accepts it when he finds her asleep in a church The two head off to the hero's home on a cliff that was home to a noble who liked art in a very intimate setting. During their short time together, the heroine has the hero help in getting another woman and a poor child out of appalling conditions. I was really hoping the hero would just hook the man, pun intended. The two also go out and meet the neighbors of a lovely elderly jewish couple who have been outcasted for their religion and a father of one of the hero's soldiers. Both introductions give a lot of relief and building bridges for everyone. Everyone except the hero's right hand man who hates the heroine for taking over his job. Now, when the sisters arrive, the heroine handles them with class from keeping them away from hassling the cook to excepting their ridiculous gifts like an Egyptian themed canopy bed. Now, despite the heroine being friendly and a good hostess, the two women don't like her and get into a conspiracy with the right hand. By then the hero and heroine become more closer and more intimate. Then the right hand reveals to the hero that the heroine's dead husband was the man convicted of sending spoiled meat to the army that killed hundreds of men. The hero accuses her and sends her away not before she says her peace. She tells the hero that her husband was innocent but that crime led her to be ostracized by many and not even receive any help when her son was sick with pneumonia who died. She disappears and the hero is miserable. However, he is encouraged by the cook to look for the truth when the hero is encouraged to look when he hears that one of the men who accused the husband was a big name war hero's little brother with gambling debts. He goes to the fellow soldier's father for help and they are able to discover the truth. Yet, the hero has no idea where the heroine is and doesn't know what to do. He finds by chance of the old couple's company in the newspaper with handwriting that matches the heroines. So, he barges into the office where the heroine is working because the son of the couple wanted to help her for being so kind to his parents. He begs the heroine to forgive him and that the charges against her husband were cleared. The right hand was so embarrassed by his actions that he immediately quit and went to work for one of the sisters who are also keeping their trap suit. The hero actually says sorry and the heroine accepts him with news of her own. The hero happily hugs in news of becoming a father and they head back home.

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