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Can love grow in a garden of secrets?

Annie, a nurse, runs into her onetime lover Sloan, who vanished twelve years ago, at work. He’s there to see her sick aunt. He used to be a rebel, but now he’s a handsome man who runs a successful business. Annie, who always dreamed of marrying Sloan in a beautiful garden, is itching to know why he left town without a word all those years ago, but she has her own secret to keep… 

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how it went down 5  5

Ohhhhhh, now this was some story with the separated lovers and how it all went down in a sleepy town that it's fair share of dark secrets. The hero and heroine were high school sweethearts but there was a lot of discrimination to their relationship with the heroine's father being the sheriff who seemed to hold a lot of hate towards the hero for being the son of a criminal and his mother walked out on him. They plan to elope till the hero is threatened by the father that he will press charges of rape and stalking on the heroine. The hero only agrees because he knows what the heroine will face. So, he leaves town before she has a chance to tell him that she's pregnant. He leaves and she gets married to a guy to protect her from the single mother status and with addition to the hero's son, they have a daughter but the man turns out to be worthless and abandons the family. The hero comes back after twelve years when he hears his beloved aunt who took him in is sick and discovers the heroine is the nurse. The hero is still getting harassment from the heroine's father, despite the hero becoming a legitimate businessman who has the loyalty of his employees through trust and respect. The hero and the heroine's son get close to where the son opens up about being ignored by his dad and seeing his dad ignore his mom and sister. He also reveals that he thinks he's not his dad's son and asks the hero if he is his dad. The hero is shocked and asks the heroine who tells him the truth as well when she was going to tell him. The hero shocked and hurt by this reveals he had no choice but doesn't say why. In fact, he never reveals this information but it's revealed by the heroine's mother with her loose lips on how the heroine's father threatened the hero. The hero and heroine have a sit-down with the son and I loved how it went and their bond with everyone except with the heroine's parents grew. Then the hero's aunt dies and things start popping up. The hero and heroine sit down to talk about the hero's mother who disappeared nineteen years ago and how her disappearance doesn't match up with her personality like breaking promises to the hero. He remembers the night before she disappeared that there was a man in the house but nothing more. As the hero keeps working on the garden, he receives help from the townspeople and it was quite nice. Then the heroine finds out about the threats and runs to the hero. She apologizes and the hero accepts it because she had no idea. Then the hero sees a picture of the father with a familiar watch and realizes the man from that night was the heroine's father. He runs off to confront the man but is left defenseless at gunpoint. The father reveals that he had an obsession even when he was married over the hero's mother. Yet, she rejected his advances and one night, she tried to get away and hit her head that killed her. The father tries to kills the hero in the exact spot where he buried the hero's mother but the hero is saved by the real policeman. The whole thing sets a huge barrier between the hero and heroine who grieve over the shock of events. the hero is only encouraged to come when his son comes to see him. It's a real emotional moment between the two and the hero comes in with the daughter. She asks the hero to forgive and talks about how the root of the hero's pain was her but the hero says it wasn't the heroine. He also says that he wants to be with the heroine and asks her to marry him. She accepts his proposal with tears of joy and it's a very emotional heartwarming ending.

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