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She doesn’t want his money—it’s his heart she’s after!

Alek thinks Elly is after his money! Elly works as a waitress in a high-end hotel. One evening, Alek decided to chat with her, and she enjoyed a brief conversation with the elegant stranger. Upon saying goodbye, she let him give her a farewell kiss, only to be hounded by a tabloid journalist immediately afterward! The next day, when Alek saw their intimate moment plastered all over the front page, he felt trapped and betrayed by Elly, and in anger rushed back to find her…

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3.5 one night stand to lifetime commitment 4  4

The hero and heroine meet and have one night stand to get away from all the troubles in their lives from the hero having a twin who's giving the media a heyday and a major high rate in papers bought. The heroine suffers from having so little and fights to be better. They share a kiss that is caught by camera then the heroine is tricked by a paparazzi reporter into giving information she had no idea she had till it hits the front news. The hero thinks that the heroine is a snitch and decides to confront the heroine. This confrontation is what leads to a one night stand but both hero and heroine agree it was a big mistake. Yet, that one night has a nine month countdown and has them both feeling afraid of bringing new life into the world. It's because the both of them were raised in abusive households with single parents. The heroine is a product of an affair between an employee and her married boss who was quite a jerk about it and the hero's mother ran off with his younger brother and left him at the mercy of his abusive father. The heroine suggests a paper marriage but the hero wants a real marriage. I did like that before they got married, that the heroine does open up to the hero about her past and it was good that she did for later purposes . I liked how the hero helped bring up the heroine's confidence and would go shopping with her to give her the support she needs. They have a huge wedding reception where the heroine's biological father is there to accuse and sneer the heroine but the hero shuts him up good and does everything right except having the man hauled out of the place by the back of his coat. The heroine starts letting her guard down around the hero after he stood up for her. The two spend time together and build the blocks to their relationship. It takes time for the hero to open up to the heroine but she helps him slowly let his own guard down and open up about his abusive past. It does help when his doppelgänger makes him pay his tab that's seven times over. The hero and heroine have a fight about it that ends on a sour note. Then the heroine runs into the doppelgänger but is nearly crushed by a on slot of luggage that could have harmed her and the baby severely. The whole situation pushes the hero to face his past and end things. He finally meets the twin who reveals that he really is the twin and the hero nearly pulverizes him for hurting the heroine but it turned out to be the twin's stepfather who was using the twin to make a profit. The two brothers have a talk and seem to come to terms with each other. When the hero and heroine are alone, they decide to do what they can to love each other and be good parents to their child. We skip to years of the hero and heroine living with their little boy and a sneak peek of the hero's twin brother's romance.

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