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It was her job to follow directives, but could she really bring herself to find Leo another woman?

Evelyn, a virtual secretary, liked her job. She liked that she could interact with her bosses online without ever having to meet them face-to-face—except for the one boss she had already met in person… She met Leo Zamos three years earlier. It was lust at first sight, but after a passionate kiss, she ran away from him. Leo didn’t know his virtual secretary was the same woman he’d kissed. And, not knowing that she was, he demanded that Evelyn look for a woman to stay the night with him!

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it was nice 4  4

The heroine is the hero's virtual secretary turned to matchmaker who has to get the hero a perfect partner in lying to a big potential business partner. However, after talking to her over the phone, the hero decides that by the huskiness of her voice that she's the perfect candidate. The heroine is encouraged to go out for a night of fun, while her kind neighbor and usual babysitter looks after her son. The hero is awed by the heroine's appearance and they have a flirtatious moment. Then the hero ruins it with all the no sleeping conditions. However, the heroine hits it off with both the target's wife and the competitor's wife as well. After dropping the heroine off at home, the hero calls her to tell her to go on a trip but she leave her son so long. So, she brings him along and gives the hero a real shock. The hero is about to talk then the targets show up and the hero only gives them vague answers that leads them to think the hero is the father of the child. The heroine recognizes after seeing how the hero is around the son is that he's scared of kids and one night sharing a bed, wakes up to seeing him having nightmares gives more to the story. The next morning, the heroine ends up telling the target's wife the truth about the hero not being the father of her son after hearing the competitor's wife cry over her hard time of having kids. The wife tells her she knew and was waiting for the heroine to tell the truth. We also get to see the hero holding the boy and he's about to tell the heroine how he feels but stops. He only further shuts her out when he accidentally strikes her on the check during one of his nightmares. The whole thing frightens him because he's afraid of turning out like his abusive dad who hit his mother too. A month later, the hero waiting at her doorstep. He opens his reason for breaking up from his family history but no matter where he was or what he did, he couldn't forget about her. I found the scenes from then on to be very moving and the wedding with word that the competitor's wife having a baby was very sweet.

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