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Why is a wealthy businessman hiding in a secluded old lodge?

After her parents' deaths, Arden was raised by her aunt and uncle, who ran a small lodge. Now grown up, Arden runs the business for her aunt. And painful though it is, Arden has to admit to herself that Hills View Guest House has fallen on hard times, and she can’t afford to remodel the rooms to attract more guests. Then an unexpected visitor stops by—Mr. Stevens arrives on foot and demands to stay in the finest room indefinitely. Concerned about his health, Arden carries his dinner up to his room. And then he bursts into a fit of rage, demanding that she never enter his room again!

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3.5 gaining trust back and forth 4  4

The heroine has joint ownership of a B&B with her aunt that's in desperate need of exterior makeover of their establishment. Their two guests are the mysterious guest with a permanent scowl on his face and the Captain who's sweet on the heroine's widowed aunt. The heroine and mysterious guest (hero) have crossed swords on more than one occasion with his bitter remarks and such but the heroine notices a familiarity about him but says nothing. She comes back late from a New Year's eve party and hears the hero moaning and crying out from his nightmares. She tries to comfort him but only receives snide comments from the hero's mouth about her jumping him when he awakens. The heroine tries to be civil but the hero tells her right off that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Then a paparazzi reporter starts poking his nose around with a picture of the hero. The hero is a big CEO who disappeared from the hospital on New Year's eve after a car crash that killed his wife. There's also talk about how he wanted to strangle his wife for her ill morals. The heroine is able to misdirect the reporter away and decides to help the hero keep out of the public eye. When she tells the hero, he jumps the wagon about her intentions and accuses her of selling him out. The heroine almost whacks him but stops to say she may be in financial difficulty but she wouldn't want to betray a guest and runs out of the room. Later that night, the heroine hears the hero coming into her room and to tell her that he wants to go with her on her vacation to secluded house. The man won't take no for an answer and sweetens the deal by giving the heroine 10,000 pounds for a month. The money could give her the dream of remodeling the B&B. The heroine keeps on being civil and manages to work through the hero even eating meals. She also makes him go out on walks in order to get his strength back. As the two interact, the heroine can see what a negative impact his wife made on him and the crash still haunts him in his nightmares. Afterwards, the hero starts treating the heroine better with making her breakfast and giving her a genuine. The heroine is wary of the hero's 180 degree attitude change but the hero promises to be better behaved if she stays with him and she decides to give him a second chance. The hero wants the heroine to open but he keeps a tight lid on his past and sensitive subjects like his dead wife. The two start getting close to the point of almost being intimate but the hero stops. The heroine is unable to take anymore of it and tells the hero the next day that she's ending their agreement. The whole thing goes south and yet, as the heroine walks out the door, the hero says to her, "Marry me!"She still walks on with tears streaming down her face. she goes home to return to the money, only to have found her aunt had already spent it on the makeover. The heroine learns about the aunt's decision to live with the captain and hand over full ownership to the heroine. Then after a month of radio silence about the hero, reads his whereabouts in the paper and he's been cleared on suspicion of murder. The night of the crash, the hero went to the wife to transfer her debt to him and how she would cause him physically harm if he didn't give her money. Later on, the heroine receives a letter from him reads the hero writing to her about her answer to his last response. She thinks it's about money and sends him back a response about paying him back. The heroine comes back from an errand to see the hero has come back and after an exchange of misunderstood words: the hero tells her he wanted her response on his marriage proposal. The heroine also decides to give the heroine clarification that he never loved his wife and even after being separated how marriage was hell. Then there are some details that the hero felt guilt and fear over not feeling a thing when he discovered his wife dead. He talks about how the heroine made a positive impact in his life. It's quite a nice confession and I liked the heroine's response (It was a yes of course) to the hero's love. I found it to be a nice wedding.

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