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The only thing my beloved husband gives me is dirty looks

Amanda couldn’t believe her eyes when she witnessed her fiancé cheating. In despair, she decides to jump off a bridge, but gets saved by Malory, her fiancé’s half brother. The usually cold, stern man shows his kind and supportive side to Amanda during her struggle. Amanda cannot help but feel attracted to his kindness. Eventually, Amanda's cunning ex-fiancé spreads a fake rumor about the two, and Malory proposes an idea. He suggests that he and Amanda pretend to be engaged to stop the gossip!

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It was fine. 3  3

The heroine is about to jump off a bridge after seeing her boyfriend engage coitus with another woman when she was coming to him to give him herself. Right when she was about jump, she's pulled back by the man's older brother (hero) who went after the heroine when he found out what happened. The hero also warns her that the brother will come by to apologize and have her take him back. As foretold, he comes arrogantly and does it all but the heroine won't take him back. The hero protects the heroine from the man and even stays over on the couch. Good thing too, because a brick is thrown the window in the middle of the night (nasty man). The man comes over in the morning and the heroine lies about the hero and her being together in order to for him to leave her alone but he gets back by spilling the story to the media. Now, I couldn't understand why the heroine didn't tell her mother about what happened because the woman is hassling her to take back the man. The hero helps her and tells her to go along with being engaged to him till the heat dies down. However, the scandal is escalating and the hero suggests they marry then divorce later with all the reasons why. The heroine agrees to the marriage and they have a great wedding, good honeymoon, and a nice start to their new marriage. However, it goes south with a night int the bed. The mother still thinks the brother is a great guy and I am just begging the heroine to tell her what a piece of crud he is. Then the heroine is trapped by the brother who forces a kiss on her but she pushes him back in disgust, not knowing he set a trap with a photographer. Then after a night of passion, the hero leaves the heroine coldly. She discovers that she's pregnant and when she goes to tell the hero, he asks who the father is. It's because he was given by pictures of that kiss by the brother. I don't know why he would believe the brother when the man is capable of property damage from just being dumped. The heroine is sho shocked that she doesn't say anything. Then she gets hit by a car when she pushes the hero's dog out of the way in front of the hero. Luckily, the heroine and baby are safe and the hero is over joyed they are okay. The hero asks the heroine to forgive him for believing in the brother and confesses that he's been in love with the heroine. It's a nice ending.

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