ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN (Brides and Belles Series)

Romance ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN (Brides and Belles Series)

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ONE WEEK WITH THE BEST MAN (Brides and Belles Series)

Can she play the part of Julian’s lover? And will she be able to stop when the job is done?

It’s Gretchen’s job to make sure weddings go flawlessly, but this time she’s received a special request—Gretchen is to pretend to be lovers with movie star Julian Cooper during the wedding ceremony! Her ample figure and frizzy hair don’t look like the Hollywood dream, though, so how can she pull it off? When she meets the gorgeous Julian, he immediately notices that she’s a little stiff and decides she needs “acting lessons.” So he gives her a sweet kiss! Her next stops are high-end boutiques and a luxurious spa—she won’t be the same woman when this job is done!

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an act became real 4  4

The hero needs a good girl in order in to be outdone by his ex-girlfriend who's bringing a date to mutual friend's wedding, according to his manager. He goes to the heroine's company but all of the women up to his standard are taken or busy, leaving the heroine. Her shaggy appearance has the manager think she can't pull it off and the heroine is on boat with him. Yet, her friends/colleagues don't give up on her and push her to go. The hero doesn't like his manager's plan but plans to act it out with the girl. However, when he meets the heroine, he finds her honest personality and not using her appeal to seduce him refreshing. He decides the whole thing will be fun one (on the safe side). The heroine also gets a new makeover with brushed hair and clothes that accentuate her beautiful full figure. The whole look has the hero waiting for the car ride where he can give her a couple of hot kisses and more. He stops but goes for more later on until the heroine pushes herself off him and makes a run for home. The whole thing shocks the hero who's depressed at the mere idea of him not being her type. He even defends the heroine when his manager makes rude comments about her appearance. They keep on the acting, while true feelings start seeping in the cracks. Then the heroine reveals her pure virtue to the hero that throws him for a loop but he tells that he truly wants to be with her. They have a great night but the heroine wakes up to see the hero worriedly talking over the phone about a brother. The hero's big secret is that he has a twin brother with cerebral palsy that he doesn't want the media to get wind of it since they'll just harass his brother and his mother. In fact, it was his brother that pushed him to make a career since he could easily pay for his brother's medical and nursing bills. He asks her to promise that she won't say anything about his brother to anyone and she agrees she won't. They go to the wedding but they cut it short when the brother's fever worsens and she goes with him. She meets both mother and brother for the first time and they take a liking to her. The after things calm down, the hero opens up that he wants to continue their relationship and she agrees. However, news of the hero's brother's condition gets out and the hero believes it was the heroine that betrayed his trust. He calls her over the phone, shouts at her for betraying him, and he doesn't want anything to do with her. The heroine is heartbroken and decides to put the $10,000 to good use. A week later, the hero learns from his manager that it wasn't the heroine who leaked news but his last ex who was ticked over an article that stated she lost to a chubby girl. The hero realizes his terrible mistake then gets a letter of a $10,000 dollar donation in his name to charity society focused on people with cerebral palsy. He goes after the heroine and asks forgiveness and if she'll to take him back. She does but he wants to go a step forward in their relationship like marriage and she agrees happily to his proposal.

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