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She’ll dedicate herself to healing his devastated heart.

The first time she met Vasco, Abby fell in love with him, but now he’s her cousin’s fiancé. So Abby squelches her feelings for him, and delivers him the letter from her cousin. But that same night, Abby and her friend come across a very drunk Vasco in a pub. It seems the letter she delivered has ended his engagement. He’s barely able to stand and Abby can’t leave him alone, so she takes him to her room. She never imagined he would want comfort from her…but how can she resist?

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2.5 it took a long time 3  3

The hero was the heroine's cousin's fiancee till the cousin gave him the ultimatum that they move out of the hero's ranch in South America to somewhere more populated and modern or she would go sleep with another man. Wow.......that was a dumb move by the cousin because the hero let her go and his sensibility to limit his alcohol content as well as how to treat the heroine who was kind enough to take him to her home to recuperate. The heroine was too silly because she let her cousin's drunk ex-fiancee of one day take her. With the act good and done, the hero regrets it because he thinks the heroine was experienced like the nasty cousin. The hero pulls the responsibility talk and it makes the heroine think the hero has no feelings for her but she still goes with him to South America on the condition if it's proven she isn't pregnant that they get divorced. This sets off the hero but I don't know why he didn't think his responsibility talk would set the heroine off. Plus, why get married and go through a trivial divorce when you can wait to see if she's actually pregnant before tying the knot? A little thought to be heard. The hero and heroine go to live on his ranch with a widow neighbor who's set her eyes on the hero and her claws into the heroine. Now, the hero and heroine are attracted to each other but don't act on their feelings since they believe the other isn't interested in them. They learn little about each other then go to a party hosted by the OW who announces that it's for the hero's birthday party. The hero forgot but it's plain to see that it's an outcast tactic towards the heroine. The hero saves her with hinting that she gave him the best present a wife could. Next, the heroine is alone and the OW goes at her and accidentally pushes her down the stairs. Everyone hears the commotion and comes outside to see the crime scene. The heroine is immediately rushed to the hospital and is revealed to have had a miscarriage. The OW sends apology flowers and I'm going to pity the woman because the reality is that everyone saw and everyone has a mouth an at least one ear to spread rumors about the woman. Now, that the baby is gone, the heroine thinks she has no chance with the hero and therefore, can't stay with him. The hero lets her go when she begs but when she is driving off in the car, he goes after her. When he catches up, he tells her that he gives her a love confession and she confesses her own love for him. It's a nice happy ending for the two.

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