Passion Romance LOVER'S REUNION

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Although our love ended, I’m still haunted by this passion…

When his helicopter crashes in the jungle, Marco is severely injured. After his brush with death, all he can think about is Sophie, a childhood friend and the woman he tried to forget, but who was always on his mind. A few months later, Sophie hears that Marco is back at his parents’ house. Her heart races. But he was the one who left her to pursue his dreams six years ago. She is still heartbroken, so she decides to have nothing to do with him this time round, whatever the reason behind his return…

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reunion for the past lovers 4  4

It was a nice reunion for past lovers with all that happened. The two were childhood friends and the heroine loved the hero but he wanted to pursue his dreams and he left. The heroine keeps tabs and misunderstands an article about him and another woman. She thinks that they're lovers but I was hesitant because the OW said she respected him. Now, after many years, the hero has come back after a terrible accident that has left him relying on a cane. The hero has been in love with her for a long before he broke up with her horribly and never stopped afterwards. The heroine said she wanted to come with him but he shot her down and I can understand why because going to the Amazon isn't a resort trip. So, she gets married to a guy who loves her but is terminally ill and she doesn't love him like he loves her. One year later, he dies and the heroine blames herself for not giving him enough love. The heroine is too far scared to restart a romance but the hero doesn't stop. Plus, after the accident, he decides to stay in town and become a professor. He donates to her social welfare and get to know each other more. However, the hero doesn't talk about the day of the accident and she decides to go look for answers. She goes to behind the hero's back to call OW but when the woman answers, the heroine hangs up. She spends more time with the hero, moves in with him, and rekindle that romance. Then the OW comes around with lies about her and the hero being together with traveling all over the world. The heroine doesn't believe it till after she sees letters to the hero about requests for him to travel once more. The heroine goes to the hero for answers but finds him hugging the OW. She runs off in tears with the hero slowly chasing after her. She gets into a dangerous situation on the road but the hero saves her. When they are safe, warm, and dry is when the hero finally tells her the truth. The OW and him were never an item because she was with the team leader as his mistress for a long time but they couldn't be public about it for obvious reasons. Then the OW left the leader because she was tired of him accusing her of seeing the hero. So, on the day of the incident, the leader pulled out a gun on the hero during their helicopter ride. The situation escalated out of control that ended up killing the pilot, the leader, and severely injuring the hero. It was a truth that the hero had to keep quiet in order to uphold the team's reputation but the OW never knew what happened till she came. It's a real nice open heart confession between our two lovers and I really liked the ending with the two kids and living in Hawaii.

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