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Goodbye to the timid person I was… I’m throwing caution to the wind and spending the night with him!

Georgia has always been cautious and pragmatic, but after her husband leaves her, she decides to change. She flies to Ireland to be there for her sister, Laura, when she gives birth, but once Laura’s in the hospital, Georgia finds herself alone with Sean, the brother of Laura’s husband. He’s the CEO of an airline company and intimidatingly handsome…which is why Georgia has always tried to keep a little distance between them in the past. But now she finds herself gazing passionately into his eyes and she makes up her mind to live in the moment. What starts with a sweet kiss ends in a passionate night together. Georgia is determined to keep things strictly physical, but then he asks her to pretend to be his fiancée!

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Ireland romance 4  4

I think this was a pretty good romantic story between the hero and heroine with how the plot played it all out. In the beginning we see the heroine find out that her husband is cheating on her and the reasons are that she's serious and boring. Okay, dump him and move on to a better life. Recently, she's been traveling all the way from California to Ireland to be with her sister who she also drove with her to the hospital when the labor pains started along with the hero who was the driver. After the two are alone, the hero offers her a new relationship and she agrees and it's a little bumpy at first but the two seem to enjoy each other well. Then comes the big leap when the hero's mother is hospitalized and in a desperate attempt to give her hope, the hero lies about having a fiancee. The heroine is against it at first but agrees when the hero offers her a house in Ireland. Then another reason to continue this farce pops up with the rotten ex-husband sending an invitation to the heroine because he thinks that she won't come but he just wanted to rub in her face. This is the same husband who cheated on her, took all their money, and had the whole town believe it was her fault. The hero is ticked at this horrible man and tells the heroine that she should go and bring him along as her fiancee. The heroine agrees to the idea and they spend more and more time together. She does feel guilty tricking the hero's mother into thinking they are in engaged but when things get rough, the mother reveals to the hero that she knew all along the hero was lying. We go back to the heroine and hero are flying to California and by then, the heroine has already fallen in love with the hero and he with her but he has no idea. They go out shopping, talking, and keep on enjoying each other. When they are at the wedding, the ex-husband is ignoring his new wife and being all flirty and insulting to the heroine who along with the hero tells him to back off. Two weeks later, the heroine and hero are still continuing on with the farce and the hero decides to make the whole engagement real. Now, he tells this to the heroine in a public pub with everyone in town there and he says he'll marry her bu marriage is off the table. The heroine is hurt by the hero's comment over no love and she makes a scene and breaks up. Though, the two are practically miserable by this breakup. The hero is encouraged by his mother that go get the heroine and he goes as far as California to confess his love for her and it's actually quite romantic and I loved the ending.

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