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He came to steal the bride away on her wedding day.

Right before her wedding, Ashleigh is shocked to receive a token from her childhood—a heart-shaped necklace. A teenage Ashleigh gave Jake her virginity, her love and the necklace, but then he dumped her, saying he never wanted to see her again. Now, years later, Ashleigh is flustered by the way Jake is playing with her feelings. She tries to hold in her pain and heads to the chapel, but the man who stands before her there… Could he be Jake?

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2.5 what a long on and off romance 3  3

This is a harlequin comic that goes back to the childhood days of the hero, heroine, and the hero's twin brother. Now, the heroine has a child crush on the hero and became his girlfriend when they were in high school. He asked the heroine to wait on marriage and coitus till after he went on his trip for them to think through their feelings and know if they want to take the next step. The heroine agrees but during his trip, drugs are put in the hero's bag and he's caught with them. The penalty is a prison and the death penalty. The heroine travels all the way to support the hero but he rejects her support and tells her their relationship was childish and he was ends their relationship. The heroine is distraught over the hero's cold words and throws herself into her studies and becomes a doctor. She learns that the hero was released five years later but he never came back. The heroine is then asked by the hero's gentle brother to be his bride and she decides to go along with the marriage of convenience even though the mother told her that the hero was informed of the wedding. When she goes to the chapel, she senses something different about the groom but she can't place her finger on it. She even notices the best man is gone and wonders why because he's so close with the groom but he practically hates her. They have a cold kiss at the altar but a hot kiss in the limo. Now, throughout the reception, the heroine notices strange things like the mother crying to the groom and the groom's behavior almost matches the hero's behavior but it couldn't be the hero, could it? When they get to a location, she sets up to seduce the groom but shouts out the hero's name. She's so embarrassed that she runs to the bathroom and locks herself in. This the twist is revealed: the groom is the hero who took his brother's place. When he received the letter about the wedding, he went to see the brother and found out that the brother was gay with the best man being his lover. The brother was going to use the heroine as a cover to hide his homosexuality and the hero couldn't let his brother use the woman he loved like that. He reveals that he couldn't sacrifice her a second time and that he's always loved her. However, he couldn't let spend her youth waiting for him to get out of prison when he could be executed. When he got out, he went to see her but his father stopped him with the lie that the heroine was engaged to a medical student. He was heartbroken by the heroine's engagement and his family's abandonment that he left without a word. The two share a special moment together and he asks her to come back to Thailand with him and she agrees. However, before she leaves, she asks a friend to spread a rumor to protect everyone. It's a nice ending but a little tiring with how it goes.

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