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My mask is stripped away whenever I look at him…

Zoe, a Hollywood celebrity and co-owner of a ranch, has come to run her ranching operation. Rancher J.D. is unimpressed. He assumes she wouldn't have the first idea of what to do with a ranch. But Zoe’s natural talent fascinates everyone in a heartbeat. J.D., however, won’t be so easily fooled. Still, when Zoe looks into his eyes, she feels as if all her secrets are exposed. She mustn’t let herself be attracted to him…he’ll surely hate her if he finds out why she’s really there!

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Oh what nasty adoptive parents 3  3

Oh that poor heroine has had to fight fight fight all her lie against her cold hearted adopted parents who treated her like an ornament and basically did everything possible to keep her from finding her birth parents. It's no wonder she spent her whole life trying to get close to her biological parents and the life they may have lead because she was born in Texas. That's why she spent her summers at ranches, learning all the tricks and stuff then when she became 18, went on a search for her birth parents. Now, that she's found them, she's trying to protect them from a writer who's going to publish a book about how horrible the heroine's adoptive parents were to her but it's also going to reveal the location and the names of the family that gave her up. During this time, she recently bought a ranch that's in joint ownership with a hero who lost part of it to his materialistic ex and caused him to abscond the idea of ever marrying again. He thinks that she's just going to whine and do nothing but boy does she shock him with her cowgirl skills and eating. In fact, everyone can't help but like her for her bright and sensible personality. He watches and sees the heroine in many different angles that he can't help but fall in love. They help each other open up about the hard parts in their life and move to a closer relationship but struggle with accepting their feelings since both of them carry a lot of baggage. When the heroine finally meets her biologically father, he demands that she leave and never see her siblings again. Then he says something interesting that if she wanted to take an interest then she should have done that five years ago. We learn that the heroine's birth parents were young and when the father went away to earn money so he could marry the mother, the mother had to give up their baby girl from the pressure of her parents. When he found out, they agreed that they'd wait until she was 18 to contact her. When they did, they got a horrible response about how she wanted nothing to do with them and it broke the mother's heart. The heroine leaves crying at the father's statement that it was her adoptive mother who wrote the letter. It's a bucket of painful feelings and tears for the next few pages but pain and tension between the heroine and her family is finally cleared and the father asks if they can start over with dinner. The heroine receives a package from the author or the expose book but finds that location of the family ranch changed as well as the names of the kids. It's different from the book she was given by the adoptive mother's secretary, gee the mother did that as well. Moving on, the hero and heroine meet with their lawyers, so the heroine can sell her share of the property. During the signing, the hero is unable to deny his feelings no longer and asks the heroine what she wanted to say to him. She confesses her love and he takes her in his arms. Then he confesses his love and they decide they want to marry each other. The plus side was seeing the paparazzi have a hard time getting a say because between our main couple and them was an ill tempered bull that the hero put in the driveway just for them to deal with.

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