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Will Samira be able to create the family she always dreamed of?

Samira, the princess of Jazir, was just reunited with her first love, Tarik, at a charity party. He’s now the recently divorced sultan of Al-Sarath. Tarik introduces Samira to his twins and she is immediately smitten. This might be her first and last chance to be a mother, since she’s been told she can never get pregnant again. So Samira dared to suggest a marriage of convenience, for the sake of the children…and Tarik’s expression changed completely!

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children was the first desire 3  3

The heroine is placed in a rather awful precarious moment of where her dress in a charity auction is about to be bought by a man who has made rude threats about how she will become his lover. Luckily, she is saved by a childhood friend and her first crush when he outbids the man. The two haven't seen each in twelve years and a lot has happened. The hero invites her to his bedroom and they get a warm welcome from his twin whom the heroine immediately takes to holding and interacting with them. When the talk of partners comes up, the heroine offers herself since this could be her chance to be a mother since the scandal long ago botched her chances of ever conceiving a child. She's honest to the hero about her desires and reveals about how her scandal when she went to New York to study fashion design. The scandal was getting involved with a celebrity actor who she had no idea was married at the time till the whole thing broke out and she got harassed by the media, found out she was pregnant, got an abortion, and ended up getting hurt more than just emotionally and mentally. The hero rejects the heroine's proposal but changes his mind the next day and tells the heroine he accepts her proposal. The ceremony goes well but the wedding night ends on a bad note with the heroine not ready to be a wife in every sense. From then on, it's process for her to get close to the hero because she still has the jerk from her last relationship's words in her head that's chaining her down. Yet, the hero and heroine slowly make progress in communication. The heroine learns the hero feels responsible for her suffering in New York because he supported her dream to become a designer and convinced her brother to support her. I agree with the heroine that it wasn't the hero's fault because you can never tell what's going to happen tomorrow. The two are finally become a couple and enjoy the family life till the nanny uses her experience wisdom to notify the heroine that she's pregnant. She tells the hero as she's leaving for her family home and it's a conversation that turns south. She only realizes when her brother tells it straight to her face that the hero does in fact love her. Then they get news of an accident the hero is in and the heroine going running after them in her high heels pumps. She gets herself pickle and has the hero rescue her. The two confess their love for each other and it has a nice end to the story.

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