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Who would have thought the man I approached was the guy I used to hate?

Lisa works at an animal hospital and loves horses more than anything else. Although she shows no interest in marriage, she does find herself interested in veterinarian Nick. Thinking he would be an ideal candidate, she asks him to give her a child. Sadly, he refuses. But Lisa isn’t giving up. Around the same time, Nick’s twin brother, Neal, suggests they switch places to shake things up. This means Nick would move to New York and live as a popular TV host for a while, and Neal would take his place at the animal hospital. So when Neal switches with Nick, he’s unaware of Lisa’s baby agenda…

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could have been better 3  3

The hero and his brother are twins but they haven't seen each other in a while because the hero's job as a celebrity vet for animals and promotes animal charities and the brother is down to earth little vet who's still mourning the death of his wife. They plan a trip but the hero's media push him to go on another excursion that he can't afford to miss. So, he comes up with the old switcheroo, so his brother can get that time off. Of course, his brother fails to mention to him that their childhood friend recently asked if he could help her have a child. The brother did reject it but she didn't stop persisting. When she asks the brother (hero) if he'll help her with that thing they talked about earlier and he says yes because he thinks it's about horses. He didn't see it coming with her stripping off her clothes in the barn. Now, he's stuck in a pickle because he has no idea what's happening and as much as he wants her, he doesn't want to do it under false pretenses. He's trying to be respectful and hiding his lust with tape strapping it down. The heroine keeps trying and he keeps resisting till she figures out the switcheroo and goes frontal assault on the hero with a bucket of water in the middle of the night. She says a lot of hurtful things to the hero that she doesn't even realize how hurtful her words are. Just listen, "I'd realize you'd work as well. Since the two of you share the same DNA." He thinks the heroine is in love with the brother and sets her out to look like and act like the dead wife because that's his brother's type of woman but subconsciously, he's in love with the heroine. So, he has her do all this shopping and etiquette till she can't take anymore. Later on, she gets an insight on the hero's life as a celebrity vet. When he put out donations for animal charities but was scammed. Then every person he meets always wants him to do something for them because he's rich and famous. The women he's dated want him to get them a part, even the dry cleaner wants tickets, and even the doorman wants the hero to get him a job. Nobody wants to be with the hero for the hero. The heroine finally realizes she was doing just the same as the other people and runs off crying ashamed of her words and behavior. He's encouraged by his grandma to go after the heroine as himself then a fire stars and he helps the heroine and she tells him that she never wanted the brother but the hero himself. It was a nice ending with the rain that ended the forest fire and the two being together but I feel like it could have been better.

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