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Their reunion was tainted by lies and doubt, yet her heart had remained faithful to her first love…

Cate, a single working mother raising her son, was astonished by the customer who appeared before her—the fifth baron of Wyndham, Julian Ashton Carlisle…her first love. His unforgettably beautiful blue eyes brought back all the memories of Cate’s once-in-a-lifetime romance. But her inability to defy his mother, who’d opposed their relationship due to their different social statuses, caused their relationship to be short-lived. She couldn’t believe that they were meeting again, and she feared he would find out about the son she had kept hidden from him…

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torn apart by a mother 3  3

The hero and heroine are separated by the antics of a mother who believed that the heroine wasn't right for the hero but she was quite sneaky in the whole thing with acting like a horrible old woman to the heroine and then a devoted and loving mother to the hero. The whole incident separates the hero and heroine for ten years till they come across each other by accident. They think the worse of each other but have to conduct business in an orderly manner but that doesn't work. The heroine lies to the hero when he asks about her son like his age and such but when the hero goes to see the heroine at her house, he sees the son. He sees the family resemblance. He makes quite an impression on the son and grandma who tells the heroine what happened. Their conversation is overheard by the son who makes his own plans. The heroine and hero to talk about what happened and have two sides to the story. One where the heroine claims that the hero and his mother drove her away because he had a fiancee and the other where the hero was told by his mother that the heroine dumped him. Of course, they can't question the mother because she died from falling off a horse. The hero isn't sure to believe her until he shows her the letter she left behind and compares it to her own in order to prove the mother's scheme. The hero says he still loves the heroine and she tells him the same but the heroine leaves the hero to grieve over the truth. During this time, the little boy takes a chance to go and see the hero at his hotel. The heroine gets a call over the son's disappearance and after talking about it, realizes he must have gone to see the hero. It's also where the heroine reveals she knows the ruth about the her family. The heroine's mother wasn't a loose woman as the heroine's adoptive mother/aunt but a good woman who died in childbirth. Then the aunt lost her mind and took the heroine when she was a baby away with the heroine's father running after them. Yet, the heroine doesn't hate the mother and loves her for all the memories she gave her. When the hero and son are alone, we have a great heart to heart conversation between them with the heroine overhearing it all. The heroine and the hero have a sweet confession and we end it with wedding back in the garden where they first met.

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