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I promised myself I’d never fall in love. Until I met him!

There’s a reason Keira had decided to never fall in love with anyone. But when she visited India, she couldn’t resist the kiss of a handsome stranger…she’d never see him again after all. But when she met her client the next day, she was speechless—it was the very man who’d kissed her. His name was Jay and he belonged to the prestigious family of the maharaja. It was certainly going to be hard for Keira to reestablish her professional image after that kiss. Once they go to Jay’s palace, it became clear that he’d gotten entirely the wrong idea about her. Now what will she do?

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Better than my expectation 4  4

I thought this is another story about forced marriage or something based on the cover but this one is totally different. I love how strong the heroine character is, and she stands firm on what she believe was right. I can totally relate on both MC struggle to trust in each other because of their family background. I like that eventhough the hero is easily get jealous, he never being rough on her. Love the background story of both characters as well.

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mothers follow their children 3  3

The heroine is an interior decorator who knows how to combine traditional home styles with the modern look in a balanced order. Although, like many heroines, she carries a heavy burden that wasn't hers to bear in the first place. A burden that has made her swore off man till she reaches India for a wedding ceremony and meets a man who tickles her fancy. They share a kiss but the heroine pulls away afraid. This man is the hero who is interested in the heroine till he sees her from the balcony receiving money from another man. Due to his bad experiences with his mother and other women, he thinks the heroine is some sort of prostitute. In fact, when he finds out that the great designer is the heroine, he calls her that. He doesn't think for a second that the man is a client, he doesn't even know the two are college friends and the heroine doesn't really correct him at all. Now, he doesn't trust her but has no time to search for another designer. His plan is have the heroine live with him to keep an eye on her. Unfortunately, he can't stop looking at her and see how beautiful she is with her words and personality. He says she seduced him but it was really he who seduced her and they end up in bed. I can't understand why because I don't know why the hero wants to be with a woman he doesn't trust nor the heroine want to have her first time with a man who refers her as prostitute. When the hero finds out, he claims the her loss of virginity was just a trap set by her to make him marry her. Way to go for the hero! *sarcasm*. The heroine states that she doesn't want to get married due her mother's affair with a married man that ruined her life and had her disowned by her family. When the mother died, the heroine was raised by nasty who made it an effort to remind the heroine of her shameful mother and her tainted blood. Then there was the nasty townspeople who were cruel to her on the single of having no father. The hero then comes up with a proposal of having friends with benefits contract with the heroine. She resists and but agrees to it since as the hero said, "the two of them aren't interested in marriage,". During their time together, the heroine meets the hero's wonderful older brother who gives her the backstory to the hero's past. The hero is like the heroine a born in an affair between the brother's father and another woman. The father had no interest in the hero and abandoned him but not the brother. When he found out he had a brother, he went looking for him and found him in the slums almost dead because his mother had abandoned for the richer life. The brother raised, loved, and became a parental figure to the hero. It's why the hero came back to help the older brother's dreams in making their country prosper. It's at the same party that the hero runs into an old flame whose favorite hobby is destroying others' happiness. In fact, she tells the hero about the heroine's scandal back home and he believes her after reading the gossip papers. The heroine is hurt that by this and gives him her side of the story. A client called her to his hotel and trapped her in his room but she fought him off. She called the police but the man had his fingers in all the pies and made it look like she was nothing but an angry mistress. However, he doesn't believe her and plants a piece of jewelry from another woman to make her think he was sleeping with other to make her go away. It works and they don't see each other till after the hero gets news of his mother's death. He gets a final document that shows what her mother's occupation was and realizes what a big mistake he made. He goes to his brother to open up then to see the heroine later. He tells the heroine he loves her and wants to marry her but she doesn't believe him. He reveals his lie then the two open up about still loving their mom's even after what they did to them. He asks the heroine to marry him one more time and she says yes and we have a happy ending with all their friends and family there to share the joy.

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