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I’m pregnant with his child, but I can’t tell him I love him.

When her doctor tells Meg she might not be able to bear a child in the future, she’s shocked. She’s always dreamed about building her happy family. Feeling the pressure to get pregnant now, she asks her childhood best friend, Ben, if he will offer his sperm. She can’t think of anyone else she’d rather ask. She loves him, after all. She hasn’t confessed her love to him, though, afraid it would ruin their friendship. Unaware of her feelings, Ben puts harsh conditions on his compliance, almost extinguishing her secret love of him!

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To love is to forgive and move forward 4  4

This was a really good story for not only our hero and heroine but the people who hurt them for so long. The hero and heroine have been each other's rock since they were kids because of the neglect from their parents/guardians. The hero's father nearly killed him with a bullet and got sent to jail. Then his mother disappeared, leaving him his maternal grandmother to keep him, not raising because she never even showed him attention. The heroine's mother died and her father turned his back to the heroine, barely acknowledging her existence. The hero and heroine have been so close with each other and have remained that way even after an awkward kiss, the hero always traveling, and the heroine moving in her father's old home. They have always stuck together but the heroine wants a baby and has asked the hero to make a donation. The hero resists the idea at first because he doesn't want to destroy the one strong relationship he has as well as be parent when he doesn't know how to. The heroine assures him that he can be the "fun uncle" and he complies to her request by vitro fertilization. However, when he gets news that the heroine has conceived; he comes back. His reason is that he does want to be a part of this kids life and the heroine makes him work for it like participating in setting up the wedding between her father and his grandmother. Now, this is where it get interesting because we get two perspectives on this where the hero doesn't care nor wants anything to do with the wedding because of how the two people made him and the heroine feel throughout their lives. Yet, the heroine makes him help and tries to push him to be supportive. Although, it takes one dinner with the four of them to have the dam of bottled pained feelings burst forward and it wasn't even from the hero. During dinner, the grandmother is harping about the hero being closed off and not being there for her and the heroine lets her have it. She calls the woman out for her insensitive behavior and the pain she caused the hero from her lack of love. Her father tries to silence her but she shuts him down on the same thing like how he remembers the grandmother's birthday but has never said happy birthday to her in all her life. That is just too sad for words and I applaud the heroine for dishing them a slice of perspective on their actions and choices because they were really asking for it with their awful behavior at the table. The heroine runs away from the table with the hero running after her and leaving the two. The hero and heroine hold and comfort each other but the hero pulls away afraid of going deeper since he has no idea if he'll win or lose her and he doesn't want to take that chance of love. This is even when the heroine confesses her love to him. Now, what I liked is when the hero and heroine are alone with their elders, the parent/guardian actually admits their faults, apologizes with a "I'm sorry", and asks for a second chance (forgiveness). When the hero and heroine hear this, they find it in their hearts to move forward and accept their forgiveness. Although, the hero's moment happens later on when he gets word of the heroine's hospitalization and lucky break. It's also where he opens his heart full force of his deepest fears like love and apologies for rejecting her love because he was so afraid. The story ends with a cute baby boy and the hero and heroine getting married. I really liked this one because of the aspect of love, forgiveness, and moving forward.

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