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An unlikely match leads to an unlikely love.

“Let’s get married. We’ll fly to Vegas tomorrow.” Caleb, third son of the well-known Bravo family in Texas, has employed Irina as his live-in housekeeper for two years. Even if he brings women home without warning or sits around the house naked, she never bats an eye. Caleb can’t live without her. But now immigration is threatening to have her deported from America. Caleb proposes a fake marriage to get her a green card, but her response is that she can’t have sex with him!

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refugee to royalty 4  4

I must admit that the whole green card romance is quite refreshing. Now, the heroine has gotten news that she will be deported back to her war torn country and doesn't know what to do except make a run for it. Her boss, the hero decides the best way to keep her in the country is to marry her. He doesn't mind since he doesn't want to lose a capable housekeeper. They have a Las Vegas wedding and one of the better Las Vegas wedding receptions that I have ever seen in a harlequin. Now, the heroine reveals a little bit about her past with losing her mother after her birth, having her aunt and uncle killed, then later on her lover. Yet, she doesn't give the hero the darker and deeper stuff till later on. Although, the hero can see something happened to the heroine to make her shake at touching a man. So, he's patient with her and helpful. It's his attitude and moment of catching a glimpse of the heroine's scarred up back that he uses to help the heroine open up to him. She reveals being caught in a blast that killed her lover and says there's more that she's not ready to say and the hero doesn't push it. Then she finally reveals that after the blast, she was violated by a hospital worker who threatened to kill her if she said anything. She only endured it to be with her boyfriend but lost all sense of feeling when she discovered he was dead. The worker was found out when one of his other victims confessed his crimes and he was sent to a labor camp where they don't last long. That man deserved it for doing something like to people suffering PTSD. The hero is very comforting to the heroine and she makes a step forward by letting him take the lead. When things start to settle down, the heroine receives the big shock of being royalty from her country from a capable journalist from a big magazine. The hero can sense something amiss and thinks it might be the heroine thinking about getting her citizenship and leaving him. She then reveals what the journalist said and her worries but the hero is right there as her support and her Jiminy cricket on what to do now. Two months pass by and the results are positive. From then on, the heroine is taking photo shoots and possibility of a book. The heroine learns from the reporter that with her new status, she can get a green card. The heroine also thinks she should since she doesn't want to hold the hero back and decides to end the marriage without asking him how he feels. I got to say the heroine seemed pretty selfish in determining what the hero was thinking without asking him. The hero also doesn't take the chance to confess his feelings because this was the plan from the beginning. However, I didn't like the illustrator or the writer placing the hero as the bad guy with everyone blaming him for the break up when it was the heroine who started it and ended it. The hero shuts everyone out but his half sister with her sledgehammer words is able to get through to the hero but he's still afraid. It takes a car accident for the two to be in the same room. Once together, the hero confesses his love to the heroine and it's a very sweet ending.

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