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One dreamy night could never become an eternal romance…could it?

Lizzy works for the queen of Morgan Isle. She generally prefers a professional look with a bun, a pair of glasses and conservative fashion. But tonight, she’s wearing a golden dress and contact lenses to attend a ball at the palace. While there, Prince Ethan asks her to dance with him. Because of her dramatic change, he doesn’t realize who she is. She decides to go along with it and enjoy a dreamy evening. She takes his hand and they exchange a passionate kiss. The next day, everything is sure to return to normal…

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The heroine is a woman who sneaks into a ball to find a night of passion. She catches the hero's eye and he offers her a dance that she rejects. However, her manner and overly familiar face has the hero continue to pursue her and she submits to one dance. They talk and the hero drops her off at her apartment with no action. The heroine goes back to being the secretary of the hero's pregnant sister-in-law. She goes home to find her ex-husband there to hassle her into giving him royal connections. She wouldn't give in and he starts to get violent but the hero being Prince Charming comes in. He chases the man away and receives an invitation from heroine into her home. They talk then get into other activities that blooms a relationship based on physical. He doesn't know who she is till he sees her again in her work form. An argument breaks out with the heroine telling her fears of losing her job then running off. We have a repeat cycle with the ex and the hero. The hero tells the heroine he wants to continue their relationship and they do till the hero's brother catches them. So, the hero comes up with the lie that they're engaged to misdirect the brother. The heroine moves in with the hero because announcement of their engagement will have paparazzi crowding her apartment's door. The two become closer and closer to one another then heroine discovers she's pregnant. She decides to tell the hero since he is responsible and I liked that she did it. The hero doesn't take it well with asking if she did it on purpose and accusing her of trapping me. Angry at his accusations, the heroine leaves with the hero realizing his wrong choice of words. He also realizes that he wanted to tie her to him with having her live with him, fake engagement, and the ring. He goes to the heroine's apartment to apologize and confess his love to the heroine as well as his desire to make their engagement real. The heroine accepts his proposal and his love with her own and we on a happy note with them going back to the palace.

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